ownboard battery problems

So my ownboard bamboo gt which I have had for 2ish weeks is having a battery issue. Any time that i charge the battery it will go up to three bars (according to the remote) and then my charger will act as if it is fully charged this has been going on for a week and I have tried various different outlets. I have also left it connected to the charger for a period of time after the chargef said it was done just to see if it would finish but it hasn’t. And I know the remote is accurate for the most part because after 5-7 miles I will get multiple 25% battery notifications on the remote.

Sound like a p group is broken.

Are there any battery builders in Minnesota? @batterybuildinggurus

@skyart is in California

and… i cant remember any other US battery builders :thinking:


@thisguyhere is making one for me, he’s in Cali

What is a p group?

I’ve done a couple OB pack upgrades. It seems to usually be the BMS as the culprit, but with the behavior you’re describing does sound like a dead cell which is killing the P group and tanking the pack.

Have you contacted ownboard and started a service ticket? A board that new should still be covered under warranty.


No not yet wanted to get some opinions first because I heard they take forever and dont have the best after care service so I wanted to be able to figure it out myself if need be

I would contact them already since you’re right, it will be slow to get responses and potentially a new pack shipped, but from what I’ve seen, they have taken care of most customers battery issues.

They’ve previously had quite a large amount of battery issues. They started sometime early this year, January/February and seemed to be ironed out as of recently. They’ve gone through 4 or so battery alterations and reworks. Each OB bamboo I’ve opened up has been slightly different.

If you just want to throw the pack away it’s best you open it up. And see what’s inside. Some of the packs they produced were half or fully potted and the cells would have to be dissolved out. Which is possible but not gonna be fun. If it’s not potted removal is very simple, cut the silicone holding the fiberglass inserts and pull those. Unplug the BMS leads and charge port. Then start pulling.

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I can ship a pack from Delaware

How much?

Maybe $370 shipped? Depends exactly what you want (I’m assuming a 10s3p 30Q flexible segmented drop in replacement for it)

PM me if you would like to work out details about it, I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but I can probably do whatever you need

The stock pack is 10S4P sanyo GA. You can fit 10S5P 18650 if you don’t use cell holders. Swapping just a 10S3P would be a disservice to the board my dude.

Sorry, meant 10s4p. On the OW site they list using 30Q in the bamboo

Must be another recent change. I 100% sure they were using 18650GA.

I think the carbon used ncr18650ga and the bamboo used 30q

I’ve personally taken 3 of them apart. I am exactly this

confident they were using sanyo 18650GA’s. If they did change to 30Q’s it might be, in part, because they reached out to me after I posted pics of one of the 10S5P 30Q pack’s I built to for a customer and asked questions about it.

This is what the have now, they probably swapped over recently

I mean in terms of assembly it’s the same, both cells are the same price and size so it’s just a toss up of 20A for 2000mAh

i think you are looking at the AT1W, not the Bamboo AT.

AT is using 18650GA.

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Ahhh… That makes more sense

I can recommend @A13XR3 battery pack, I have it.
It’s well made and fits perfect in the OB bamboo enclosure.

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