Overvoltage Fault VESC

Hi all!

I am in need of some assistance. Running dual focbox on 12s4p 30q bypassed and 6374 motors. Here are my settings on the ackmaniac tools.

All was going well until a phase wire snapped off the other day causing problems. Soldered a new one on and everything seemed fine… until now. One motor will not do hall sensor detection and all combinations of focbox + motor have resulted in a overvoltage fault.

Here is an example of what happens when I throttle on the bench.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

Hmmm something very strange is going on here. In your first video the current reading is insanely high!

Which is very strange I’m trying to think what might cause it but under noload it really shouldn’t be that high.

Also your getting overvoltage faults with negative current which means it’s happening while braking. What’s your battery voltage at right now?

Try swapping motors/focboxes and running them single drive too see if you can isolate the issue.

What Kv are your motors?

they are Maytech 190kv closed can / fully sensored motors.


Motor settings are too high, that’s how a flipsky vesc exploded in my face.


Use the new VESC-Tool to run detection. It does FOC-Openloop detection and can find the perfect motor settings for you. You will see if left and right motor are detected differently, which points to bad soldering on the phase wires or damaged motor windings.



Ummm no?

Might be, I configured my vesc the way I used to configure my focboxes and poof, 2 vesc poof that way

Thanks for the suggestions!

  • battery was at about 43V I believe at the time of recording that.
  • I did swap motors + focboxes in multiple configs (as shown in the chart). All resulted in the overvoltage fault which is super weird.

Odd… i hear these motors are rated for 70a. I’ve seen people push 90a with no hiccups.

So far I’ve reflashed both focboxes with the firmware from ackmaniac’s 3.103 again and they seem to be working okay. The sensor on the other motor seems to be gone though. Going to test over the next week to see if any other issues occur.

If anyone has any thought that there is a larger underlying issue that I need to address please leave it here :smiley:

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don’t know if you’re on here still but did just installing that firmware fix it for you? im having the same issue with my TB DD 75kvs and a stormcore 60d. Was running fine then yesterday got two over voltage faults and now if i hit the brake it regens an insane amount and turns itself off for a few seconds. Using vesc tools detection i get 60a on one side and 30a on the other…

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