otang kegels calliber II trucks zealous bearings WTS [EU]

Hey guys so I have a few things that I would like to sell. I am building a mountainboard, so I won’t need these parts anymore. Everything is half or lower then retail. So thats fair pricing I think.

Zealous CERAMIC bearings: 20 eur excl ship

Kegels wheels: 30 eur excl shp The only wheel that is a bit damaged is on the picture on the right side. But that’s nothing major and doesn’t affect the ride at all. One also has a pulley that should be able to go another 200km or so.

Calliber II trucks 10": 25 excl ship. One is pretty banged up since I couldn’t get a motor mount off so This is a excellent deal as far as I know.

Shipping is from the netherlands.
If you are in EU you could get shipping for around 20eur if you combine all of them together. Which has a new value of 40+70+70=180 eur. So that would be a great deal if I may say so myself.

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Hi, which size are the wheels?

80mm contact patch I dont know but wide for their size.

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What is the condition of the zealous bearings? Do they sound/spin well/are they dirty? And what would shipping to Sweden cost for just the bearings?

Can you not get them locally? My local skate shop sells them at 20€ new…

Edit: NVM, OP is selling the ceramic kind. Good price :+1:

You made me look around. My go-to skateshop did not have them in stock… but I found one store in Sweden that sells them for 22 eur (28 eur shipped). Did not expect to find them for that price :open_mouth: my usual go-to store sells them for 38 (plus shipping)

That makes me wonder why OP tried to sell used bearings for €20…

Oh and “local” skating scene for me is a joke. My city has a single skate shop that has nothing desirable.

trying to get money back for the bearings while selling wheels at a good price :woman_shrugging:

Oh well, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: I do need new bearings soon. And been reading a lot of good about zealous, will probably end up buying them new within Sweden

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Because they cost me 40 eur new excl ship hahaha. I think you got a discount on those bearings. Bought everything at sickboards.com so if you don’t believe me just go ahead and check over there.

Nope not the case but nice try :wink:

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Sure thing no harmed feelings. But I get the confusion now. These are ceramics and not the standard green zealous bearings hence the 40 eur new price excl ship. Instead of the 20 eur new price.

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