OS DAVEGA Flipsky | EU | GER

I am selling a Flipsky Davega with a new better screen. The reason I’m selling it, is because I got the Davega X and I want to run newest firmware. The OS Davega runs best at V3.58 and is limited to that. I never tried it due to the needed firmware, but the display worked just fine when hooking it up for a test.

Pros and cons of buying this Flipsky Davega vs one from China:
++ better screen
++ comes shipped fast
~ broken shell (not bad because you can 3d print better ones!)

So I’m asking 20€ which is still under RRP from AliExpress :slight_smile: I think that’s fair!

The 3d shell is crap and has a one piece that broke off and was glued temporarily with super glue, and one small crack. It should still hold together, but since there are many 3D enclosures on thingiverse, I would recommend just getting one of these as a replacement.

I can also include a FTDI USB programmer for 5€ extra

Davega OS Flipsky: 20€
FTDI USB Programmer: 5€

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Here’s some pictures:

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