Oreo | VOLOKNO Integrated deck | 10S2P | 6368 140kv | FSESC 6.6 | 97mm wheels

New season - new board :slight_smile:
After last year’s huge Trampa board I decided to design a micro board with an integrated deck


  • Inegrated deck + enclosure
  • FSESC 6.6
  • Flipsky 6368 140KV
  • 10S2P 25R
  • Belt drive - 15:44
  • 97mm wheels
  • Caliber E-trucks
  • Antispark

Deck: 67x23.5x2.1cm; hole: 15x35x1.7cm
(Birch + fiberglass + epoxy resin)


красиво сделанная сборка
Awesome build :fist_right: :fist_left:


Really nice. Did you vacuum formed the enclosure?

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What anti spark switch is that?


my own

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Ah ok it’s fiber glass. I’m my mind I thought it was thermo vacuum forming.

Simple and beautiful man…DamB good job! How does it ride and what’s your weight?

it rides nice, i am not a speed maniac so the top speed about 30km/h with 15:44 ratio is for me enough.
i weigh about 75kg

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Ahaha sorry I meant the board weight, but nice! Staying trim XD and that’s a decent speed as well. Nice dude

the total board weight is 6.8kg (15 lbs) :slight_smile:

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