Opinion on turnigy sk8 6374 (130kv) motors for MTB build

Why don’t you just go SK3 then?

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I used them enough, treat them like shit, actually like cheap shit…but they survived…for my everyday board they where perfect in reliability, tough little monsters…But they lack of punch, juice or how ever you could name the lack of loosing control of beast. They became much better when I pushed them to 75 amps, 35% positive curve throttle, and 0.1 sec response on accel and break…But again, I needed more…SO I pourchase a pair of 6380 TBs.....and things became more unprediectable...I like that!!! For EMTB, SK8s are and great, I would choose 130kv depending on your gearing and set up (mucho more torque)…I have the 149kv, they are ok…Overall, Turnigy it is a great and trutsed brand, and I would recomend them…