Opensourcing all my designs

Hi folks,

It’s been a while and an honor to be here.

A quick hello to all of you and hoping you’re all safe and keep shredding, inventing things, innovating like there is no tomorrow.

I just created this account on the forum to share with you something I started some weeks ago and that can be of some value for the community which is to release all my designs on thingiverse including the STEP files. I’ve spent a lot of time and dedication on them, tweaking every details years ago as I wanted them to be meeting my riders expectation.

Unfortunately, I’m no more able to spend as much time as I did the last 7 years with all the passion I’ve put into DIY ESK8 and now I’m more focused on riding in the limited time I have.

Voilà, cheers from Paris and stay tuned as I’ve plenty of files and unreleased projects that I will continue to share in the next days/weeks.

For the ones that want to follow my journey, I share some moments of my rider’s life on my instagram account

If you ever come to visit Paris when all this pandemic will be over, shoot me a PM - you know that I’ll be your host and we’ll have a blast together.

Here we go.

  • My Signature Core Dual Motor Mounts - LHB LIMITED EDITION
  • Nosno Motor Mount
  • Matrix MBS Motor Mount
  • Ultimate/Infinity/Vertigo Spring Trampaboards Motor Mount
  • 32T SMART Series Kegel & Compatible wheel pulley - 15mm HTD5M
  • 32T CORE Series Kegel & Compatible wheel pulley - 15mm HTD5M
  • 32T SMART Series ABEC11 & Compatible wheel pulley - 15mm HTD5M
  • 35° angled risers compatible with MBS Matrix Trucks
  • 35° angled risers compatible with Trampaboards Spring Trucks
  • 66T SMART Series Trampa Superstar, Phatladz & MBS Rockstar wheel pulley - 15mm HTD5M
  • Risers with integrated motor routing Front/Rear

skate everything
Cédric / okp .


Wow, this is fantastic Cedric.
Thanks for this and hope to see you back in Paris again soon. :metal:


@okp this is legendary! Thanks for sharing the designs!


Oh man the legend himself.


Ever the community man Cédric

Thank you for everything you have done for this community bro. :star_struck:


Wow thanks so much for this, been following you for a long time. Happy riding!


thanks a lot for your kind words. I’m going to update my initial post and make it more readable / structured and build on that over time.

keep shredding esk8 fam.

I took the opportunity of this update to add my signature motor mounts and the LHB limited edition which was very close to my heart.


Gold mine right there.


good morning - updated with my very first ESK8 risers. step files are included.