Open Design Thread

Feeling like there’s not enough people sharing their designs. Especially for the small stuff where no one can really profit from. So here’s a thread where people can submit their designs so other people can also use.

My main motivation behind this is that there are some designs out there that are difficult to find or just kept private. Which is cool but releasing designs that offer more options to the community is also important since it lets people experiment with different skate setups.

This is my first submission, Venom Mach 1 press fit wheel adaptor, something that hasn’t been used much here.


This is not a thread for people who want to post .STL files -that is useless to most makers. So I ask people to submit files such as .step, .iges and solidworks files


Are these adapter for a specific type of drive as I see hole for mounting like maybe on a direct drive or gear drive.

Awesome idea for the thread and Venom Mach1 have to have some nice acceleration.

Well as the design stands it works for all my stuff. But it doesnt stop anyone making their own stuff

@Briman these pullys are like j labs you can add your gear size to the pully and as he said and they work for his gear drives so these work in multiple ways …
Great job @moon thanks for sharing


Yes they work like it but not a direct replacement. I will make this adapter from 6061 alu so theres options out there


Ok awesome thanks for sharing

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Hello Moon

Since this thread is asking for freebies in .step files. I got a few goodies for any new people in this forum that is not from the old forum.

I will be adding enclosure design very soon, probably next week.



A simple convenience hack. When you ride to Home Depot or other warehouse stores, how to carry a board without a handle? Too heavy for a backpack. Straps don’t want to stay in place with the CG back near the motors. Not putting my board in a shopping cart. I added a couple strap loops, one with a buckle to this strap:

Explore Michael Nolan

Adjust the length of the lengthwise strap to keep the handle above the CG.


Emergency auxiliary battery pack made from a shotgun ammo belt, slung crossways across the body like a Bandito

20 gauge cartridges fits 18650 cells afaik, also shotgun cartridge hard cases


I feel like putting 3D files on github is basically keeping them private. Searching them with google does not work real well, the navigation of the site is so confusing for non coder type people and it displays .step files as lines of text. :thinking:

It much easier to get / share with a site that is designed for 3D files like or even

I agree though with your point about sharing the design love.

And your 2D drawing is beautiful. :heart_eyes:


You are right but you also need an account for grabcad. And grabcad isn’t exactly organised :grinning:

Thanks for the compliment on the 2d drawing

Added a new file for a custom made Subsonic Illuminati G-bomb board that has been custom built at 34" long and 10" wide stiff.

Purpose for this is if anyone wants a same size board made, this file can be used to make your own custom enclosure for a perfect fit!!!



Any chance that you have modelled some gbomb brackets or anything similar?

No, sorry.

I have no need to do that as the G-Bomb does the job nicely. :blush: