OG FOCBOX - motor stops, no errors - anyone seen this before?

I have an OG Focbox that is playing up, it’s a weird one, it will work fine and then after a while it will stop driving the motor, it’s not displaying any errors and is alive + transmitting R/T data to my Droid app. The logs just show that there is no current going to the motor when it stops working but all the other data is logged just fine.

Once I cycle the power it kicks back into life and works fine until it does the same thing again.

Anyone seen this behavior before? @Blasto you would be the person most likely person to know what give

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Is it the slave one?

it is!

you thinking can issue?

Deactivate send data over Can on the master

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I will check that tomorrow, I usually keep that off on the master, but it could easily have been set wrong

thanks for the tip

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I was having this same issue yesterday when over @bwahl602 's. I would ride with metr open and my phone in my hand. I would see one motor drop and the other continue taking amps. It was most definitely a can issue. My can wire was a bit fucked up and the pin was pulling out the connector. However it still did it 2 more times after we fixed it but none after those 2 times. I rode 3 miles home yesterday and about a mile today with no disconnect.


I always have a small panic attack any time I have to fuck with the can wire and focbox’s as I’m afraid of killing them over can. You need to make sure you have both focbox’s un-powered when disconnecting that can wire. Otherwise if one focbox gets power and the other doesn’t while the can cable is still plugged in you’ll kill both over can.

Unless you have the 1.7 focboxs that is. 1.6’s are the fucky ones.