Oak veneering on switchblade 38" (first time, PU glue no more))


I started customizing my Switchy 38" with a gorgeous oak veneer (from an old submerged tree, which explains the brown to dark gradient)
Well… following someone’s advice, I used PU glue and a custom press made of foam + planks + clamps.
Unfortunatly the PU glue expands A LOT, my mold was not good enough and It ended with some bumps and all…
Anyway I think it’s not too bad (damn this wood is beautiful)

Next step : taking my pre-built direct drive appart, building a FG enclosure and throwing everything on this (semi)beauty

What d’ya all think?


Damn. This is really making me consider doing a Verneer in my build. Great job

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Thanks, I would suggest to try on something of little value before!
The fist try is often a miss :slight_smile:

And no PU glue :stuck_out_tongue: