Nyko kama Connection Drops

Hi everyone.

Does anyone uses nyko kama remote?
I bought one 3 years ago, but since it looses connection in crowded places like bus stops and so on(wifi interaction) i started to use another receiver.

But it i just found out that my current receiver doesn’t work for some reason, and im thinking to go back to nyko kama.

Does anyone know solution of dropping signal and interference with wifi’s?

And here is my old thread with another but similar problem where no one responded: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/nyko-kama-nunchuck-remote-connection-drops-solution/31342

Never used the actual nyko kama, but I do use the vedder NRF mod of it.
Never ever had a crash with that remote, super reliable.

I think you’re better off swapping to something more current.

I actually have a spare PCB that is a drop in replacement to the one in your remote(hand soldered by me).
If you’re intrested I can sell it to you. You need an NRF compatible ESC however.

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i have a TB vesc? is it good?
can you tell more about this pcb and with what remotes it is compatible? and how it connects to esc

You’ll need an NRF24L module from ebay if you want it to work with your TB vesc.
Or get a vesc6.

The ebay modules really aren’t that reliable tho.

heres the original project; https://github.com/vedderb/nunchuk_mod

Think mine is a newer version tho.