NYEF this weekend!

So who all is going to be at NYEF?

I am packing up the minivan for the 16 hour drive to New York.

I know these peeps are going!


Can’t fuggin wait!

Post pics up here as the weekend progresses!


I have a snafu. Im working it out, but its going to be a squeaker.


This snafu better be resolved ASAP!!!

If I can help in anyway say the word


Ill be there :+1::+1::+1:

@akhlut you better make it, I gotta “buy you and @Sender a beer”

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It’s a family schedule thing



what is NYEF?


Can you help me get out of a wedding and my nephews first birthday party??

Also If anyone wants to take a train ride down to the Jersey beaches the 15th and my wife has a Backstreet boys concert so I am totally free the day after. My town actually a train stop on the North Jersey coast line

I’ll be there with a sizeable group from DCESK8!


I’ll be there too! Should be a dope event again. Wasn’t any beer though last time. I’m coming prepared this time. A bunch of us from the Philly squad are heading up as well.

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Lets hope I can go

Fuckkkk I have to find your shred light. In the abyss of my shop.

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That group ride at the end is going to be a cluster fuck lol. Last time there was just an absolute ridiculous amount of people.

@Sender eh don’t worry about it. It’s an old shred light and I have quite a few other sets. I’ve been using those new ones anyway.


Its only a 5 mile ride, hoping to do some riding before then

I think it may be in my Jacket, so said my wife. But it is insulating boards in the bowels of the minivan. We will see!


Yeah but it was pretty bad last year. A lot of people fall under pack mentality and start doing dumb stuff. Tom is really great with leading the group but I’m betting well over 100 people for that “night” ride. Should be plenty of people doing other rides throughout the day.

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I’ll be there but with nothing to ride

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There are going to be tons of boards to try out methinks.

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I was planning on going but my battery is getting repaired. It’s completed and tested but I doubt I’ll get it by Sat. No way I’m going with a CGT that’s got a 1.5 year old stock battery. Wanted to take my DIY. :disappointed_relieved: