NXT Kite board Build [STORMCORE, APEX, ETOXX] Looking for similar deck

Last winter I put together a board from secondhand parts I managed to buy over the months.

Builds consists of these parts:

NXT deck
Matrix 2 trucks
Etoxx adjustable baseplate
Rockstar 2 hubs
8 inch tires
12s5p + 10s7p. (Swappable)
Stormcore 60D
Apex Customs carbon Stormcore enclosure
EBS 68t + 15t pulleys
Maytech 6374 190kv motors
Trampa Wand

Total cost was about 1,5K

You can also see my Trampa Orsomm with Elofty 58kv DDs on this one.


I see el cheapo and i see stormcore apex and etoxx and my brain went huhhh???


All parts were acquired in “losing my job through corona sales”

But I understand the confusion :joy:


I would like to upgrade the deck of this build. I am starting to lose trust in this old kite deck.
Does anybody have any recommendations on a mtb deck with a similar shape? preferably made from a trampa like composite.
@rusins maybe you have something lying around?


Nope, sorry.

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It very much reminds me of @NullBlox work. Not composite, but he abused the fuckin hell outta them.


that looks to be a scrub deck. imo nice decks, i broke one tho. highly recommend @NullBlox decks, just over 1k miles on mine and beaten the shit out of it nicest deck i’ve riden

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Seems his website is a dud.

Abuse… not sure if thats the word I would use but yah I shred!

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It’s a compliment.
Btw I’ve got money tied up atm in some uhhhhhhh totally legal ventures, but I am gearing up to start that thang we were talking about x)
I was tryna justify dropping payment yesterday but next week makes more sense.

Bought @Deimos Volokno deck as a replacement!!

Didn’t replace the deck yet. But went for a ride!

@Lee_Wright I’m having some connection issues with the Trampa wand using the ApexCustoms esc enclosure. (CF cover plate) you got any tips to improve connection?


may I ask why ? It looks pretty cool, lots of real estate

Throw the wand in the bin and get a decent remote.

Seriously though, the walls on the ESC enclosure are plastic and this should mean a good reliable connection is easy to achieve. We haven’t had any reports of anyone having connection issues with our case, and we have tried/use OSRR, VX1, VX2, VX4, puck and maytech as well as the robotgotchi and both Xenith and standalone Metr and they all work fine mate.

Just having some trust issues with wooden decks

Was expecting this kind of answer.
Which one would you suggest that has telemetry and cruise control?

if you still want to use the wand the black external antenna i found works to fix the connection issue

Where is your receiver positioned? We usually make sure to place receivers flush up against the side or back wall section.

Maple is going to be the foundation for most decks, followed by fiberglass, carbon, and other layering. But dont loose faith! The mbs decks are solid, that being said trampa makes some great jumpers.

It’s 3m taped to the sidewall. But don’t worry. I’ll figure out a solution. Now at least I can be sure the Trampa module is the problem and not the enclosure.