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NuBx Skate - Workshop Journal


DECK: MBS Retaliation
BATTERY: 12S (2x Turnigy 20000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack)
ESC: Focbox Unity
MOTORS: Torqueboard 190kv 6380
MOTOR MOUNTS: Janux Matrix II Mounts
TRUCKS: Matrix II (Hard Bushings in Back Medium in Front)
WHEELS: MBS T3 200mm
HUBS: MBS Rockstar Black
MAX SPEED: 44MPH 18:72T | 46MPH 18:72T
MAX RANGE: 20Miles



Holy shit. I didn’t know people went that fast om MTB’s! :scream:


I don know anyone else who rides MTB’s this fast either. XD
Not bragging but Missouri does not have many esk8’s from what I have seen.
Then again I live in the woods pretty much, so not sure I would see them.

Goal is to get this to 50MPH highway speeds.

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Lord above you’re gonna die…channel trucks are NOT meant for that kind of speed, and big pneumatics are the same boat

They are fully balanced wheels and the trucks feel fine at high speeds.
Ive been riding for over 20 years, my dude.


As long as you have hella pads on I guess it’s fine?

Full G-form and Lazy Rolling Armor.
Leather may come sooner than later.


Great session there…fast as fuck…the way many of us like to ride…sweet park ride…!

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Representing Missouri to the fullest!


Mother fucker came out of nowhere and showed us all up with his budget amazing MTB. Bravo. Mad respect


I can plus 1 this, especially seeing his progression from boosteds to these…


Thanks! Ive street skateboarded for over 20 years and downhill for maybe 2.
This is my first year on a MTB and honestly Im loving it. I made it for the parks
at first. I just wanted a board I could grind curbs and trees. Just really beat it up but still make it home.
This thing has been more than a tank in that area. As for the speed runs in the parking lot, thats
me and my friends first time doing that. We usually just hit the back roads and hammer down.

@rafaelinmissouri Hell yes! Missouri all the way! Hoping to help hype Esk8 in general but would
love to see more in Missouri!

@kevingraehl XD Much love dude! This comment made me genuinely smile.

@DEEIF Hell yah! I think seeing you create your race board has inspired my build.
Maybe not in the looks, but in the speed!


Thats awesome man! I still remember the first time I posted a photo of my race board deck and trucks in your Nub discord and everyone was so confused by it xD, good times.

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Updated some of the main info, added more photos and uploaded a short track daytime video.


You are jumping with 12s 20Ah lipos? They must weight a ton.

Personally I jump with 12s 5Ah which is 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) only. The range sucks but I don’t ride the board. You could carry a 5Ah 30C+ pack and swap it for jumping and have more fun.

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“You are jumping with 12s 20Ah lipos? They must weight a ton.”

Yes I do, and helps me build leg strength, and keeps me grounded at high speeds.
With that said, I have a few packs or I can just go 6s and remove a lipo.

The skate park works alright with a 6s2p lion pack, since I can pump around it also and almost don’t
need the motors.

I do need to invest on some lighter batteries though, Ive just decided to think of this MTB as a dirt bike.
I have to plan the jumps and swings I make. Hope that makes sense.


RawR Run!


Hey @NullBlox!

Did you have or anyone else have an issue mounting the motors to this Janux MBS mount ? I was able to get one maytech on with no issue but the second one almost sounds like it’s grinding against the mounting screws unless I put spacers between the mount and the motor. I went to change the two TB6380 motors today and Im having the same issue again. This time its happening even when I use the spacers. The only thing I can think is the the phase leads are getting soo bent back because of the lack of any wire channel in the mount and the recessed seating… I can insert the mounting bolts all the way in with no issues off of the mount.

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I had Janux make me up some heatsink/spacers.
Then used longer motor bolts.


I did use washers at first but didnt like the look, and most washers are not that accurate.
Had many that made the motor sit a little off. I do think you can just use washers but I think something like this is a way better option. Id just DM him and see if he can make some up to kinda complete your already purchased mounts. :wink:

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