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NuBx - Mountainboard Build | Deck Making | Workshop Journal

I knew there was something funny going on :grin:

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Did it cause a rubbing in the can or the can to not be able to spin without the spacers? That has happened with my maytechs and my torqueboard motors

Yes it can, if the phase wires touch this can cause a lock up/hard AF t spin motor.
So the pressure can cause this to happen. Lets hope this did not mess up the motor.

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Thankfully I noticed the issues before fully mounting and powering up. I messaged Janux. Hopefully he has time!

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I need data sheet of this battery please?

Two things here I’ve been thinking about. Heavy ass builds make for great speed stability.
And big pneumatics properly balanced are better for speed as well. Usually the Problem is just finding pneumatics that are quality at 7"+

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Not sure if this is what your looking for but:

I run two of these at 120A in the Unity since C ratings seem inflated. This gives me headroom.
This thing barely gets warm even in hot weather holding 38-40mph.


Yah, I have some MBS tires that I just can not seem to balance.
I do fear blow outs, and slime leads to balancing issues for me.

Some tires are just simple one weight inside the hub to solve it.
I don’t put the weights on the outside anymore, then just fly off at high speeds.
Now I just place the weights on the inner hub and tube. :wink:

It’s like the NullBlox Weight Loss Prevention. :wink:

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I might put on my 6.5" again this weekend. Balance those… current vibrations are no bueno

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RawR Run 0.2 (with edits to shorten the ride)


New Video for your enjoyment!


That’s intense. Be safe out there. Channels are good till they are not.


I hear that, already bent some of the base plates. (replaced) XD
Maintenance is just part of the sport imo.
Good looking out though I need to check over the hangers.
They have so many chunks missing from grinding objects, I kinda wonder if they are bending at all.



Hello, reader its time for an update on what has been replace/repaired/modified.
The build has not changed much but let’s list the issue first.

I have only needed to remove my light and mount.
The mount was not ideal for my ride style, so the light would come loose on impacts.
I will remedy this at a later date. My other issues seem to have simple solutions.

The first Issue is after jumping and grinding for many months straight I bent a baseplate.
I think this was due to the motor mounts weight on impact but it happened on both trucks.
So the motor weight is not the cause imo, but I due believe this area can get beefed up
in a @MBS Matrix III truck and hope it does.

The second issue is the mounts. There is nothing wrong with them but what I do on my board
is not what I would call normal esk8ing. With that said these mounts have started to shift when
landing 180’s off the kicker to flat. How can I learn 360’s if my shit is shifting on lands?
Well for now, I have inserted brass inserts into the mounting holes to attempt to prevent shifting.
If this does not remedy this for me I plan to use some brazing rods and just weld it.

So far this has been holding up, but I have a feeling they will become smashed eventually.

The board is amazing! The deck handles impacts and board slides which was not expected considering
it’s no longer a standard MTB. It has now become an EMBT with a heavy Lipo setup in the center.
Sliding this is very odd and needs planning. This is due to the weight being very unbalanced from
nose to tail. You would assume it would dive the heavy end to the ground but it seems to act more
like a kiss the rail to a nose dive. So sliding becomes more of a prevent the nose from sliding faster
then your body is going. Plan to do longer slides in the future just need to find the right rails.

The Matrix II trucks are build very well. I come from street skateboarding and well here is my thoughts.
They grind and grind good, the metal choose eats away as it should. It feels natural and not like its
resisting. Even concrete is fine so long as you wax it and give it some grinds to break in the object
you are trying to trick on.

These trucks are super well built! Do trust my opinion then just look at the videos of
what Ive done on these. I would like to think Ive put them through more than your average rider.


I have built a god damn tank that suits the needs of average riders and more, but not with out the help of many different companies parts and this community!

Side Note: I have not even broke a belt yet!


I’d recommend switching to motor mounts with fixed angle’s. I hate the idea of friction holding my motors up. Check these out

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I like that idea but Im in too deep with these mounts.
not a fan of the look of the BN ones either. Also why no cross bars?


The BN mounts have discreet angles so they don’t shift around, you can add cross bars

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Well maybe after I break these 7 extra sets Ill invest.


I think you can double the clamps on either side of the mount plate for extra strength

Way to shred that board! Have you checked these out @ATC mounts? For a jump board, these would be my choice for weight, cost, inability to shift on trucks. And they even have cross bars! I think the mounts you have now look cool, but they’ve got to be heavy, right?