Not a Boosted. [Boosted Clone, Dual Motor, 190KV Flipsky, Eboosted.] Build Thread

Another year, another build!.

Most likely my last I make for myself for the next 1 - 2 years so better turn out great!

Idea was to get the board I love, a Boosted.

Cheaper, faster and in a brand new condition since you won’t find a new V2 anywhere in Denmark anymore.

Started out with a hard budget of 740euro but must admit, I went over it… By double the amount…

Goals: Quality finish, no flaws. Reliable. Fast. Smooth. Versatile. Fast Charging. Over-all pure epicness.

Spec/part list:

  • Loaded Vanguard Flex 3.
  • E-Calibers.
  • Orangatang Kegels.
  • Flipsky 190KV 6354.
  • Flipsky 4.20 Plus.
  • Flipsky VX1.
  • Electricboardsolutions Mounts.
  • Electricboardsolutions Pulleys. (15/36).
  • 10S4P Samsung 30Q Bypassed 12AH.
  • Eboosted Enclosure Vanguard 10S4P

No fancy ble module or anything as a start.

Taking a few chances on the Flipsky VESC, but had very good experience with their motors in the past so I trust them on that.

Going into every detail I can on this build, premium inserts with fibreglass layer over it with premium car fender washers.
Not a penny saved on the details, its what counts.

Should do 30-35km and 38-40km/h.

So far almost finished the deck, got it sanded down both sides ready to dremel and drill inserts into and paint so it looks as following.

All parts ordered, should be here within the next 2 weeks

Any tips and tricks are welcome, and of course some upgrades down the road!

Will post updates as I go.

Week 1.

Got the first parts in the mail, checked and sat it up for a bench test worked flawless!

After initially just wanting a push board I ordered different trucks and wheels at first but quickly changed them for better.

Week 2.

A week later, ideas started to pop up went out to the local hardware store to see what ideas I could bring to life I bought some sandpaper paint and went to town on the deck graphics.

(Before and after)

After getting the deck done I started sleeving motor wires, stripped the mount for paint since it was starting to look bad and I prepared the cutouts for the wires.

Week 3.

Almost a month in! All parcels should have arrived at this point (Eboosted one missing due to customs) so I started preparing the cutouts and all the parts so It’s ready to mount.


So you’ll be building some time around September then? :rofl: uuuuh esk8 time, so much fun. I’m having a great time.

kill me.


Haha, need to be done before August so I’m starting right when the first part arrives.

School August, Baby In November so if i want to ride i really have to finish it now.

As in right now… :frowning: That’s something i doubt i will though, 6 Months with my last project and i ended up selling it…

This is a story that repeats over and over here. It almost exactly matches mine haha.


Maybe you already have something else planned for the VESCs but they obviously won’t fit into the rear enclosure, so you need to cut the shrink wrap off the back and bend the capacitors over the VESC pcb. I used zip ties but you could use rubber bands as well to hold the caps to the pcb. Then on the side of the pcb that still has shrink wrap you can Velcro it to the deck. It’s best to secure everything in the back to the deck because it’s a really small space where the phase wires enter the enclosure, so you can plug in the wires and just Lower the enclosure over everything. Also in the front there is a small gap when you are standing on the board, right behind the front trucks so if you have the choice try not to put wires up there because sometimes they can poke out of the enclosure and get damaged. My build is just about the same as yours, but with lipos

The Vesc 4.20 Plus from flipsky should fit no problem, my old 4.20 normal one fit it just fine.

Pretty compact, just the size of an ESC.

Pretty much copying this build. Look forward to seeing how it goes.

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Thread updated!

Almost finished!


Looks amazing man

Nice work

I need to ask about the wires for the battery. So just like Boosted? No channel just flat wires? And what gauge are these? I am reading through all the vanguard builds to see what people are doing.

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