Noob question vesc

I have a maker x dv6 and I’m trying to work out what all the ports are for as it came with no information and makerx Tech won’t reply please help

This is what I have come up with so far. I think I’m in way over my head

1 is ppm for remote. 2 is hall sensor. 3 is your uart/adc combo port.
4,5,6 are mirrors of 123, but for the second ESC . That weird small one on the right size is CANBUS

Thanks Evwan but it looks like my vx2 remote plugs into 3

Also sorry for the stupid question but what is the uhart/ADC combo for

uart/adc are for controller inputs and external devices. The vx2 is a uart remote, so it plugs into the uart/adc port. Uart is just serial data. You can connect telemetry monitors/logging (DaveGa, Metr, Robogochi, iLogger), remotes such as the OSRR, Flipsky VX1,2,3,4, BKB voyager, and ADC is for ebike/escooter throttles.

its a combo port because it has voltage, ground, uart TX/RX, and ADC ports.

Thanks for that so I would be able to run a Bluetooth module on the other uhart port to run my vesc.



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