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Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!

Hey Isaiah-

I see you made it over to the more active forum. I’ll keep an eye out and see if you get sorted here and if not, I’ll invite a few guys who might be able to help.



Yea i saw that the old one was no longer very active.


MBoards. Quality you can smell.


I have zero experience with the Unity, but somone with first-hand knowledge should be along shortly.


That’s great to hear I’ve been reading and trying new things for 3 hours, I have no idea what else to try or do.


While you’re waiting:

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any ghetto solutions you want me to try? ill try anything right about now, im close to throwing it from 6 stories and seeing if that fixes it…


I know the feeling. If this was anything other than the Raptor and the Unity, both of which I have no experience with, I would be be able to suggest some things.

Instead of making it worse, let’s wait for a more qualified dude.


alright, i appreciate it


Can you clarify a few things for me first:

  1. You can’t connect via USB, only app right?

  2. Does the app crash on you repeatedly?

  3. Take the enclosure off the raptor to expose the unity. Look for a small rectangle that looks something like this:


Make sure your cable is plugged into some of those pins on the right side of the photo. Your remote receiver might have gotten unplugged somewhere or is loose. Check all parts of the cable from the unity to the receiver for problems.

  1. If you get your remote to connect finally and one motor is spinning backwards, you can swap any 2 of the 3 motor phase wires to reverse the direction.

Doesn’t fix the app not connecting well but we’ll start there.

  1. i can only connect with the app via bluetooth, usb tells me that the file specified cant be found or something similar, the other error i get with usb is the time out error.

  2. yes the app crashes extremely often at least 50 the last 3 hours

  3. i see no box that looks like that

  4. still nothing


I would check the following 1st.

Do lights come on?
Is the USB connector broken?
Are the phase wires connected properly?
Are the sensor wires connected properly?
Do you see ant discoloration or burns/ melting in any if the wires?

Check that stuff and let us know.


lights come on, the focbox blinks until i connect on app and then it becomes solid, screen comes on as well. the usb connector isn’t broken, i used it to flash a new firmware earlier today. i’m unsure of what phase wires are, but the board was working 5 hours ago, i rode to the store and back no problem. i only messed with it in the first place to get the battery issue fixed which only made things worse. I’m also unsure what sensor wires are, but if you mean the 8 wires total connected from the wheels to the focbox, then yea they’re good, i made sure first. I also see no burns or discoloration.


What firmware did you flash? Was it from the unity app?

i was originally able to use the usb, and flashed with the unity focbox tool, i flashed 23.46 im pretty sure, but im not 100% sure it worked

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i used included firmware

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What’s your battery voltage at?

i dont have tools to check that how can i be sure?

Isn’t there a volt meter on the board?