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Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!

For AT style tires, has anyone tried to use one of CO2 cartridges to pump them up? I’d imagine that’d work pretty well out in the field so you don’t have to carry a pump or anything.

cough cough polyurethane longboard wheels cough cough cough sniffle cough


Noob question

I have a 5095 motor and a FSESC 4.12 50A Based on VESC® 4.12. previously it worked fine but suddenly it has knock issues and sometimes it won’t turn unless you spin it a little, i tried reprogamming it with VESC tool now it won’t turn completely (see video ).

It seems like a sensor problem because it has hall sensor and it is connected but once i do the auto detect it says sensorless.

Thanks for the help in advance!

I’ve been here a fairly long time now, but how do i even quote someone from the current thread?

Lets say i want to reply to a picture i saw on “Pictures and nothing else” How do i get that to “reply to pic…”?

I do it like this : I stay in the Pictures thread. Open a reply and tap the speach bubble so its a quote. Then i copy that text, search the reply thread, paste it in and write my reply. But it can’t be that difficult?

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I’ve got one of these, be careful though you can over inflate easily.

CYCPLUS CO2 Inflator Quick & Easy Presta and Schrader Valve Compatible Bicycle Tire Pump for Road and Mountain Bikes Insulated Foam Sleeve No CO2 Cartridges Included A20 Red


Like this:

Highlight, then click "Quote

That’s a different story. Get the share link, copy to clipboard,

Then go to the replies thread

make a new reply to the thread, then paste the share link and tag the person who posted it

Just like this:

Then the link will show up automatically in the photos thread


What do I set this to in the vx2 remote?
I have two 6374 190kv sk3 motors from bara groupbuy


This should be correct with 14 poles.


So change to 14poles ?

No, 7 pole pairs=14 poles.


Sweet thanks again Bill xD


Have both Ack and official in your toolbox. Ack works great on my belt setup, less so on DDs. Official works great on DDs, Ack not quite as well. No idea why.


Just got done with first ride after 7 hours straight finishing it up. So damn fun! I only fell once and it was when I first let off the thottle I difnt realixe I have to gently lift off the throttle lol thank God for Hillbilly gloves

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Leg weighting is key. On throttle, more weight on back leg. Braking/letting off, more weight on front.

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I learnt to fully lean back reverse Michael Jackson style when I’m about to let go of the throttle or brake :innocent:

So I take it everything runs smooth now?


Guys I think I saw hooks under his shoes while he was riding…



Flasher, are you okay? So Flasher, are you okay? Are you okay, Flasher?


I think you’re having a seizure there. Sending you an ambulance


Yep essay breezy with that other program, I gotta practice that MJ lean lol

Of course I need an ambulance. I got hit by, I got hit by… a smooth criminal.