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Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!

I did detection already I think they’re screwed, I have spares but I’ve run of of bullets , 3rd vesc for this set now … I think they’re cursed lol

Edit: I was totally finished and was about to test it while on holiday next week - something tells just take my old builds :slight_smile:

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I would never take a brand new board. Too likely you’ve overlooked something, no time to break it in first and make sure it’s not going to fail immediately.


Not the point or what I asked.

You can increase your gear ratio to improve efficiency. Either a smaller motor pulley or a larger wheel pulley. It’s equivalent to using a smaller wheel diameter or lower kv.

I know I shouldn’t but this one is more water tight and I’m spending a week in Scotland so got carried away with dream lol I knew it while I was doing it based on the spares and tools I was planning taking , taking half the crap now and just my 2 essential boards :slight_smile:

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This “or” here is deceiving – I used to think that as well, and the math indeed says that.

However, in real life, the higher Kv motors are better because you can run them unsensored and they startup SO MUCH EASIER than a lower Kv motor from a dead stop.

So a 190Kv at 15/40 is better than a 160Kv at 16/36 even though the math says it’s a wash.


And OMG I’ve never been able to take a Professor Shart answer further before; unbelievable



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What is the hobby king ‘‘boom stopper’’ used for in eskate?

@PixelatedPolyeurthan It’s a tester for short circuits. Just to make sure you weren’t too drunk when you soldered your connectors

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I want to build my own battery, can someone please write me the best option to do so?


Thanks :wink:

Best option for what? Tape? Solder? Batteries? Need to be a bit more specific there friend

Sorry your right.

Spot welding + soldering here and there I guess.

I’d suggest reading some or all of this thread.

And they are all ready to help on those dying questions you’ll have.


Thanks flasher, I already did some hours of reading there but I got lost by all the different ways to do it and techniques etc etc :slight_smile: I will try asking there, thanks

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i’ve ridden hummie hubs unsensored in the 75kv range… i think if you rewound the same motor to 190kv it would be harder to start since it would put out much less torque for the same motor current.

i think the ideal setup for me would be 4 hubs at 91kv with 120mm tires, 12S and 60a battery limit per motor. in theory this can sustain +50mph on a 35% grade. 14mm steel through axle.

It wont be easy but you can learn lots from them

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“Boom Stopper” sounds like Chinglish for “Anti-Spark”

edit: upon further reading, it’s just a fuse holder

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@b264 Taking things a step further, no matter what kv you choose to wind a motor with a given copper volume and winding style, it puts out the same torque for the same copper losses.


@Flasher so it is only to test? just plug the esc and battery to it and test? Why not leave it on?