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Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!

I don’t understand the question.


or BMS?

I’d say probably 10A or 12A

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@b264 Good to know. If I were to change the bms, could I up that number significantly or it’s not worth it?
For example I’d like to find an 18a charger. That would make it charge in an hour

Is there a battery 101 sticky post? Also a VESC post?

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For batteries:

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Not sure how to change that but thanks for the link.

I was looking specifically for esk8 battery terminology so i can understand what I’m reading when specs are listed.

@BillGordon @mmaner maybe have some insight on the matter?

I uploaded them on my google drive. Clickme.

It’s certainly doable, but an 18A charger is gonna be pretty large and expensive. I personally take @b264’s view - store your board with a mostly-charged battery, that way it’s always ready to go. Charge when you get back, not before you leave. That way, you don’t need a “suercharger” at home, just like electric cars - Nobody has 250KW charging capacity at home. Most people just charge their car overnight, and only supercharge if they need more range than a full pack will give.

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It’s not for the house.


Fair enough, carry on! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d like to go as far as humanly possible in a day or 2 stopping at truck stops for hour charges :slight_smile:
Btw anyone know what would happen if I were to go by land to murica on my board? Would they try to confiscate it?

Well I dunno about us 'muricans confiscating it, but you’ll have issues getting a battery pack that large on an aircraft without lying - Most regulations limit you to 100-160Wh in a single pack.

No experience flying with them but think regulations here are anything over 100Wh is potentially an issue:

Regarding charging on the go (and airplane travel actually) personally use swappable packs that are under the limit individually at least. There will be some extra time beyond just pumping the charge into the cells for them to get balanced out and the chargers will typically reduce the amperage when “topping off” the cell. Also a BMS can take some time after the charger is disconnected to continue self balancing.

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As in no plane, no car. Just me, my board and my backpack. I want to one day reach NY. According to my calculations, I would roughly need to stop 13x just to charge

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I’m thinking of making a small 10s1p single belt mini cruiser, thoughts on printing the enclosure with tubes for the cells built in? No rattling or shorting out, it will be a custom compression pack with end caps that screw in and a bracket for the rest of the electronics

That means at least 13 hrs of charging and google says at bike speed about 36 hrs of riding (18km/hr on average) so total trip would be 39hrs if non-stop (even if you did it at double speed would be 18hrs of riding and 13 hrs of charging or 31hrs total). Think you’d need to break the trip up over a week and spend a couple of days staying somewhere along the way then fly it back or something to make it manageable at all (wouldn’t want to be on the highway in the night). I’ve thought of taking crazy long trips like this before just for the hell of it, after all people bike or run crazy distances sometimes, but would take some physical and mental prep work for sure to actually do. Still no reason to have a slow charger.

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