Noob Build - VESC Tool Android App Help

Hey everyone!

My buddy just helped me finish building my first DIY ESK8 from scratch.

I’ve been reading up a bit on the VESC Tool Android App, but wanted some advice on setting everything up before riding to avoid somehow royally fucking up my new $2000 board.

My Build:
Landyachtz Evo 40 Spectrum
12S4P Molicel P42A Battery w/ Daly 12S BMS
Lacroix Stormcore 60D
Torqueboards 60kv Direct Drives
Torqueboards 110’s
Torqueboards 2.4GHz Mini Remote

Any advice on what settings I should be running for everything in the VESC Tool Android app would be super helpful! Also for reference, battery health is important to me as well.

Thanks again in advance for any help!


Do the detection wizard, put battery discharge amps at 50A/side and about -30~35A regen/side and make sure that in the detection results, values are roughly the same. If they are way off, something is not properly connected. Set the right direction for both motors and you are good to go.
If it’s a ppm/pwm remote you will also need to go through the input wizard.
With this you should be ready to ride. Beyond that you can experiment, but always remember what you changed to put it back if it goes wrong. There’s no other way to learn the app really

Oh, in the motor wizard you will probably need to put the correct motor poles since the app defaults to what outrunners use, but you have dd’s which may have more. Gear ratio is 1:1 or select direct drive