No time to put this AT Drivetrain in use. [GER/EU]

I have barely time to ride my other build. This deserves someone who is actually using it.

-matrix II black metall 160€

-made in EU bearings+replacements 2€ per bearing

-fivestar hubs black + spacers sold

-adjustable baseplate e-toxx raw 160€

-6x 9inch offroad tires+tubes sold

-RU GearDrive 9t and 10t 225€

-2x flipsky 6384 bh 190kv 160€


everything is new, the only scratches are on the motor mount position.

Price (749€+shipping): I have paid about 1000€+misc that I can add if requested.


Feel free to write me a pm if you are interested.


I’ll take that baseplate :slight_smile:


May I ask where you bought the black mbs five-stars from in Europe? I couldn’t find them (didn’t check UK sites tho)

prices updated (parting out!)

Are you open to negotiation ? and do you have the original matrix baseplates ?
Interested in the trucks :wink:

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Yes and yes

Prices lowered


Are the 2x flipsky 6384 motors still for sale ?