no detailed battery charge-status readouts on plutonium v2?

hi folks!

about to do a range test with a rather new plutonium v2 and noticed I can get no cell voltage readings to check the pack’s balancing - no issue on a v1 plutonium, but neither the davega nor metr app shows me the individual parallel packs, what am I missing here, is this some incompatibility? it merely shows the sum total of the pack in percentage (metr) and voltages i.e. 51.2V & 4.27V (full) on the davega. so basically I can’t tell if my pack gets out of balance or not.

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If you go into your metr setting > battery then click pair with LLT BMS, you will be able to pair to the smart BMS inside

After that you should see a green dot flashing below your total battery voltage, click the dot and see your cell levels.

You can also download the XiaoxiangBMS app from the Apple store or below for android

Also 4.27 is a bit high :eyes:

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Make sure davega have voltage source as vesc in davega settings. But you will see everything if you do as skyart wrote.


@mackann @Skyart @janpom slightly off topic, but does the Davega give a on screen readout (like diebiems, flexibms) of the LLT Bms through the metr link?

newer davega firmware can connect to an LLT bms over BT

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Evan is correct there is davega firmware that will allow you to do this, but I don’t think it’s officially released yet, still in beta

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@Evwan is correct. DAVEGA can connect over BT. You need to enable BT under the “experimental” sub-menu. I would recommend using the DAVEGA FW 5.03 or even the 5.04rc. Note that there may still be glitches. It’s work in progress. If you encounter something weird please let me know.


Sweet as. Might get that installed :grin::grin: thanks lads