No!18 hrs! Well i guess il post it here. Big thanks to the Community

So I can’t reply on the other topic because technically Im new.:tired_face: just wanted to say thanks to Damon for this website and @Sender for sounding the alarm…
So I started Patreon off… Damon, I had to do a lil less than 5 cuz of bills and the growing boy. But i feel obliged to give something for everything you folks have done for me directly or just by posting… thanks for my sweet rides!!


Damon gets 3.69 each month from my coffee budget for this. Emphasis on the 69 :coffee:


It’s the force of many, it doesn’t have to be much or hurt the individual, I think the forum runners would appreciate anything, especially a ‘69’

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here is the link if anyone is looking.

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oof, i’d donate but 13 year olds don’t rly get credit cards.

(i’ll just use my brother’s when he isn’t looking… then get killed once he finds out :sweat_smile:)


Pretty much what I’m gonna do but with my sisters :wink: