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Nickel Plated Copper

Anybody has a lot of experience with this, if so did it corrode badly on the sides?


I do not have experience with it, but maybe some conformal coating on top to avoid that from happening?

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Real question is : is it pure copper and pure nickel plated on top of the copper tho :thinking:


Why would it corrode badly on the sides? I thought copper was quite resilient to corrosion and water damage seeing as it is used for water transfer like piping in your home. Thought people here just didn’t use it because of the inability to easily spot weld it to packs, thereby sacrificing its better energy efficiencies.
Edit: Yeahhh it actually hates water. But I mean, if you have high water presence/ condensation forming in your enclosure or battery back itself, you probably have bigger issues.
If it comes corroded, you can easily throw it in vinegar and erode the erosion.

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I mean the seller is legit, he’s the distributor of the kweld

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I think I used the wrong term, I meant oxidize

They seller says in the description that it would patina over time

I’m actually not sure man. I’m worried now cause I just bought tons of copper sheets for battery terminal cutouts. We shall see

Send me your extra if you don’t want them anymore :rofl:

Psh… they cost me like, 40$ for 7 sheets the size of my hand, maybe if I have scraps :laughing:

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