Newbee 3links style truck

Or have they been forced past their maximum articulation and flogged out?

I don’t have many miles on them but I’m not the lightest rider (about 225 geared up).

Stop saying snug


I’ll show you snug





Oh shit, I just came across your build thread. I didn’t realize you had a death toll. Our builds will have some similarities for sure.

Triple links, deathtoll, og davega, diy battery with 3d parts hahah. I still got a little bit to finish up though.

I am currently on my liquid sword with 15s5p, but just not enough range for me even though it’s mostly perfect other than that. so I’m building a 14s8p P45b pack for the death toll and swapping everything over. At 6’2" the longer deck will be nice for a wider more stable stance too


Awesome, I really like the Deathtoll deck. Great size. 14s8p with P45B’s should give plenty of range and power as well. I really like those cells in my board.

No clearance issues with 200*50 on triple links and deathtoll? Do you have any risers?

No clearance issues and no risers either.

Haven’t checked this thread in awhile, what’s the good go to linkage rods people have been using now? The stock ones from a few months ago, I’d say it is a bit on the short side, thread wise.

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