Newbee 3links style truck

Was that the cause of the rocking back and forth on the hanger?

Whatcha think Ean, New batch for this summer? :innocent:

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As boardnamics mentioned above these were signed for the matrix 3 trucks which are approximately the same profile. But these mounts were designed at 22.4mm.

When doing some reading it seemed like these would be a direct fit on the newbie 22x22 mm profile.

As it turns out, they are very close to fitting. They fit on and clamp tight, but the profile isn’t exactly the same so they can rock 1-2 mm back and forth.

The wheel pulley is an extremely close fit as you can see in one of my pictures above.

So carving hard would cause the motor mounts to shift and come into contact with the wheel pulley.

This could be solved by shimming the motor mounts.

I just created cross bars so that I can mount some lights and a pull handle. The cross bar locks the two motor mounts together and was enough to stop them from moving in my preliminary testing.

At some point I’ll probably 3d model some shims, but I just got everything in good working order and don’t feel like disassembling right now.

Also if the actually measurements are 22.4mm and 22 mm, then there is only a .2mm gap all the way around. Seems like a tough job to ask of a 3d print unless everything is perfectly dialed in.

Might be better off going with some thin metal shim stock similar to what a feeler gauge is made from.

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If you’ve got some 0.2mm nickel kicking around from any battery builds, it could work.


Lol I didnt even think about that, lol I do have a bunch of weird shape .2mm scraps around. Good thinking


The walls of drink cans also work well for shims


Ive been wondering about this bit here… anybody had issues with snapping it? Sudden stops from a hit at the front strike me as a serious potential issue without some form of bull bar ( which couldnt be attached to the hanger) or something to transfer impact load away from that pin.

I keep looking at them and drooling but i know I hit shit from time to time.


Maybe you could mount something coming off the truck mounting bolts.

I haven’t personally, but I would be careful about hitting anything with them. Lots of attachment points that could get F’d up from an impact. Ash broke his from a couple front impacts in a different spot. If you’re mindful of it you’ll be ok, or make a mega bullbar of some kind to protect

I was thinking something like a riser or an anti sink (riser would be better) with a couple of mounting positions that could be attached to. Dunno, just cant be attached to the hanger.

Looks like im getting a 3D printer much sooner than i wanted, ultimately metal parts but i think ill need to prototype.


idk about that specific point but i broke my first gen hammocks. i was able to get those screws you pointed out tight enough that they wouldn’t wiggle loose without loctite applied tho

Yeah that’s a bummer. The V2 hammock should be better since that little tip isn’t independently screwed on to the hanger so it shouldn’t break from impact. Ethan had done that initially for future serviceability/replacement in case the threads got buggered up.

i’ll probably grab a set of gen 3 hammocks so that i have a working set but they won’t be going back on sidewinder since i already have 3links on it. maybe i’ll do a mtb deck build or sell em

It was a neat idea though.

It’s crazy how quickly these are getting better and there really haven’t been any absolutely major issues so far.

This is a great development pace

Let’s not forget that this is so early on in development


I absolutely love the look of these things. I just doubt my ability to not smash them :upside_down_face:

Thanks for that, thats some gnarly bends. Was that a hit at speed? Were they SS bolts or High tensile?

The entire axle being able to pivot on axis is a major issue / design flaw. The axle sees enormous loads from the motors. It should not have any play.

3d printed bump stops are not an acceptable solution for this problem.


I mean that still seems like a pretty short list for something so new. Still in beta too.

I swear there’s guard dogs patrolling the forum looking for ways to be offended on behalf of someone else.

I hope it gets fixed in a future design. IMO it’s a major issue for an esk8 truck.


Skateboards Electric at esk8con had a really cool solution to this problem that prevented the hanger from rotating under load


my guess would be around 5-10mph, it was in a hotel lobby. i don’t remember what type of steel it was tho.

i’ve also run into this problem on the rear. when i brought the motors closer to the axle as a result of changing to gear drives, it seemed to lessen but it’s still there. the clicking was also kinda annoying, no matter what i tried, it seemed to be there to stay.
(these are things i didn’t notice with 3links, just pointing them out, not trying to start an argument or anything)

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