New Motor Suggestions/Overheating

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First, specs for my mountain board. I am running

-stormcore 60d+
-Two 6s turnigy 12ah lipos in series.
-8 inch pneumatics
-Belt drive, 16t and 72t pulleys
-sk8 6374 192kv sensored motors (run at 100A each)(130 with hfi in the winter)

Me: 175 pounds before quarantine and 195 now.

I am tired of fucking around with these damn motors. I’ve had hall sensor issues with them and they keep overheating. I’ve done troubleshooting and tried to make them work. The only time they worked well was in the winter with HFI when it was colder than a witches tits outside, and I was running 130A per motor.

I just got the stormcore and I’m not willing to jeopardize it with these shitty motors.I think they might have already killed a Unity in the past.

That being said, I’m looking for suggestions for new motors. I don’t know everything that’s out there.

I like a LOT of torque/acceleration. I generally only ride around 30mph, but like to have the capability of more.

Oof that’s definitely over current spec, look for something like a 63100 motor or maybe into 4WD 6354/6374

Yeah that was for winter riding when I didn’t have to worry about heat.