New Midwest ESK8 Crew in the Making

Hey there, ESK8 family! A new collective for group rides is spawning in the Midwest, namely Kansas City! Appropriately named the KC-ESC (Kansas City Electric Skateboarding Council), we are unifying in this vast city of ours, and are looking to gather more members for a super cool group! Should there be any more groups to link with in the midwest area, we’d love to know. We’re small, we’re having our inaugural group sessions, and we want to grow. Obviously the group is limited by the number of esk8ers in the city, but the Midwest has been a friendly place to me throughout my life, so here we are making ourselves known, and spreading that we aim to build! Feel free to comment or link up any other midwest groups, or if you’re in the KC area, that’s fantastic. Thanks all!


I live in wichita and am in kansas city now and then. Maybe i could meet up with you someday

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Sounds awesome awesome awesome. We had our first ride yesterday, 3 people total! Great start if you ask me, and it’s only going to get better! Join the fb group, we’re frequently posting and creating group rides!

@brooksie I live in Olathe you guys still get together? I wasnt sure there was anyone else!

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KC-ESC on Facebook!

I’ll check it out . U guys ride alot?

Hey man… If you ever head my way DFW esk8 has 80 members we have a sister onewheel group with 500+ members .


Most definitely will. I travel down there quite a bit!

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Are you guys by chance interested in having a good old fashion Esk8 gang turf war?

I realize PDX is pretty far and the average Wh/mile is considerably higher in the Midwest, but we’d be willing to meet you guys halfway at a nice alleyway in Denver.

Lmk. Toodles!


You calling us fat there big boy :joy:

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That’s enough for me to be out and disinterested.

We do love our BBQ!

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You right :joy::joy:

sorry? All zucks aside, it’s an easy and efficient way to reach a wide array of people. I have 35 new real-life esk8 friends that I never would have had before prior to the group being formed.