New Kut Thaka vs Old

I’m thinking about getting a Kut Thaka for my brother’s b day. But I noticed that a new one is coming out in October. Do you all think it’s worth the wait and I should do an IOU or should I pull the trigger on the current model. I was hoping he would be able to use it this summer but the price won’t change for the new model so I’m thinking if it’s overall better maybe he’d be willing to wait. Help me decide - I should mention it’s not going to be for a esk8 build but your opinions are still good for consideration.942cde72a8600bbf4a2384a0ffea7c8e6d1006aa_2_690x354|690x354

personally, i like the landyachtz dinghy, but i don’t know too much.

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Looks like not much has changed. @BigBen has one and it’s a really nice little deck. I’d just buy the one that’s on offer now if you can get it, cheap as hell and will be a blast to streetface off.

Rumour has it they used up mold scraps to make it and that’s why there was a limited run.

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old model-new model, it doesn’t matter imo so go for it.

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@macandcheese correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the kut thaka came out last October.

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ohhhh lol…k then I guess I had a brain fart and thought it was coming out this october. Good to know i can buy it knowing its the new one. Thanks for clarifying that for me. :slight_smile:

Yeah he actually has a landyachtz at the moment. He’s been itching for a Kut Thaka though so I am strictly going for that.

Do you have a link to where you could currently buy one as I can’t fined any site selling them at a decent price.

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If anyone is interested I have a Kuthaka with enclosure ready to go


hmm…I’d just check your local skateshop or buy directly from Loaded.