New DIY mountainboard build part sugestions pleasr

Hello fellow eskaters. Im comming back to esk8 and i want to finish my old build. I have old escooter 48v bartery, makerxtech d100s ESC and 63105 aps V2 motors. I want to to build at mountainboard. I dont do much off road but i want to comfortable Cruise around streets and park trails. Pls help me decide what deck trucks gear drive should i get. I was thinking about trampa setup( big boy with wings + spring trucks+ spir gear drive). Pls let me know what betters options arę upthere.

If the group steers you toward Haero Bros, I’ve got new ones for $215 shipped in US.

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I would take a haero bro on airs over most other setups out there personally


Haero bro:)

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We’ve got a brand new deck shipping to us today. Will have it available on the website as soon as we can take some pictures :hot_face:


Intrigued! Any more width?

Not Lee just casually dropping bombs in random threads :eyes:


!!! @Lee_Wright don’t tease us man - STOKED


Si i guess i wilk go with Apex air trucks and deck. What about gear drive? Also Apex jump drive?