New builder requesting advice

ok, so been lurking a lot and finally decided to build my first skateboard.

I have so far purchased all the electronics required but stuck on the deck, trucks, wheels etc…

I have purchased:

2x Flipsky 6384 190Kv motors
Ubox 75/200A VESC
Uni Remote

And built a 12S6P battery pack using P42A batteries with a 20A BMS bypassed for discharge.

IMG_20210922_165659.jpg (3776×1367) (

IMG_20210922_165709.jpg (3657×1232) (

IMG_20210922_165810.jpg (4608×2304) (

The Series connections are soldered and also a nickel over the top filled with more solder and spot welded to a cross piece.

came out pretty well however I noticed the board I placed in between the 2 half’s is cutting at the tape so will be unwrapping (still only kapton tape) and fixing that when a new role of kapton tape arrives in post with the final wrap being delivered at same time.

figured I can just trim the board a bit more and tape it to one side so it doesn’t shift in the pack.

I am also going to redo the balance wires and take the BMS away from the actual pack to reduce the thickness of the pack as at the moment its nearly 50mm in height with BMS on top.

Other then that all the electronics looks to be working correctly after connecting pack to VESC and motors with remote controlling throttle. (Soooo looking forward to riding this thing.)

Once I have sorted deck looking to fiberglass an enclosure for it.

I have been looking at the following:


Haero Bro 2021 - stiff - Haero Bro 2021 Dawid Rzaca Pro Mountainboard Deck -


Trampa Vertigo CNC Channel Truck Trampa Vertigo Black CNC Mountainboard Channel Truck -

or preferred (out of stock everywhere at moment.)

MBS Metal Matrix II Oil Slick MBS Metal Matrix II Oil Slick Mountainboard Truck -

I cant seem to find any Motor mounts for these trucks that are not way overpriced though as for gear ratio probably do 15:72 with 200mm wheels for top speed of around 40mph. (I know I wont get near that).

Would gladly accept any advice given and hope to hear from you.



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Boardnamics should have some in stock in Oct I think assuming you’re talking about the Matrix 2’s

Theoretically MBS is supposed to get Matrix 2 stock sometime soon

Oh dude, that battery has some issues that we can work together to fix. Can you post photos when you remove the kapton tape? Let us give you some input before you wrap it back up please :slight_smile:


Well I have split the pack and fixed the center board however my P packs are also individually wrapped in fish paper, Kapton tape and a layer of masking take for a bit of stiffness and what I wrote the cell numbers on.

For the sensor wires I have a tab going to top which is on top of all the kapton / fish paper I also used the dots left from the O rings in pairs to go around edge so nothing should rub through and if the spot welding does come loose I don’t see any of the wiring / tabs going anywhere.

However the welding is pretty strong just not the prettiest groupings.

They were also glued down on top of the dots when I done the balance cables however will have to remove the glue when I do the balance wires with longer cables to remove the BMS from the top.

I’m currently out of 20AWG cable so cant redo the balance leads yet so pack is still separate until cable gets delivered on Thursday.

Also going to be adding X90 connectors for the C- B- and bullet connector for P- cables so that BMS can essentially be disconnected and reconnected as and when being stored for long lengths and not get mixed up.

I also came up with this list however I am changing the hubs to Rock Star 2 ones as they were recommended as being a better hub.

Also got to add some m6x14 bolts and 16.5mm axel spacers.

ATB said the Oil trucks aren’t coming in till October / Early November so will most likely be buying the trampa trucks.

so how’s it looking and am I missing anything?

Anything in particular that your worried about ?

All packs are individually wrapped with fish paper, kapton & a bit of masking tape.
the spot welding doesn’t look the prettiest however they are strong welds which I couldn’t easily pull apart.

only annoying thing was some of the alignment when I glued the batteries together however it shouldn’t effect how the pack it self works and when all is taped and the heat wrap is added over it you wont even notice.

The MBS bindings are superior to trampa if you’ve got the cash

Yeh I also ready reviews regarding that, however currently out of stock and I’m hoping to put the order through on the 1st of October. Are they a huge difference ? If so then I can leave the biddings out and order them at later date ?

Was going to do that with the trucks as well however kind of an important part to leave for 2/3 months lol.

Full f5 bindings or heelless F5 bindings are superior to trampa. Get the MBS ones without a doubt.

the fact that “barely anyone” uses the trampa straps, yes. There’s a difference :smiley:

Fair enough, ill go with the MBS ones :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Your going to be having fun sooner than later!
MTB!!! My DUDE!!!

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So today I started the build and got the trucks / motor mounts / wheels etc all sorted however ordered 20mm hardware thinking it would fit the Haero Bro board which of course it doesn’t lol.

ordered some 1.2" and 1.5" hardware as might stick angled risers in as well not sure yet.

looking roughly though I don’t think there will be enough clearance underneath for battery pack so might have to change it to a box on top, however I not done the sensor wires yet so better to do it now then later.

got the 1.2" hardware coming tomorrow so I will do a mockup build and decided from then.

More pics of the construction would be helpful if you want a comprehensive critique but I can see some problems. The balance wires for starters. They appear to be crossing each other in several places without insulation. This is a likely place for shorts down the road.

Also, how did you construct your p-groups? Did yoy glue them? Silicone? Did you reinforce them w anything else (e.g. many use fiberglass tape).

I can’t see your solder joints either and that’s def a potential point of failure.

Balance wires have actually been removed at moment as I’m moving the BMS away from the power pack to reduce thickness of the overall pack.

The P packs as mentioned above all packs are glued, individually wrapped with fish paper, Kapton & a bit of masking tape. the spot welding doesn’t look the prettiest however they are strong welds which I couldn’t easily pull apart and would only tear with some force. (Currently not at home so will try and upload some photos later if you want.)

I have the new cable for sensor wires however thought I would build board and see how much clearance I will have as currently thinking I may need to go for a box on top rather then an enclosure underneath which means different battery pack design all together. (got some 1.5" hardware coming tomorrow to fit trucks and see)

Up to you homie but if this is your first battery, I would strongly suggest you post a bunch of pics of your construction on the battery builders thread and get some learned opinions. I can see from the cursory exam that there is some room for improvement and bc of the danger associated w failure for this particular component, err well on the side of caution. My $0.02.

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