New Build Testing

Hello all,

I’m just about to finish my first build. I want to test it before I take it on the road, I’m wondering what tests y’all usually do on a fresh build to make sure everything is up to scratch.


Before you go out make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight and loctited in. (bring a screwdriver and allen keys with you just in case). Then hop on it and take it slow to be sure everything is working right.

Then I like to find the worst road and ride down that for a bit just to put it through it’s paces. Really abuse it.

If nothing fails within the first 50 miles you’ve done a fine job and are probably in the clear.


I usually start by testing the brakes at different speeds, and making sure my mounts haven’t gotten loose :slight_smile:


Be sure to check that your board idles when the remote loses connection. Simply switch the remote off with the board on to check. Of course it would be wise to have the drive wheels off the ground when testing this.

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