New build plan - batteries help please

Hi, I’m James and I am planning my first build. I have all the parts but a friend has expressed concerns over the batteries.

This is what I have so far:

Flipsky dual FSESC4.20 pro switch

dual motor 2x1650w

Panasonic 36v 20AH 10s4p 500w battery

Battery parameters:
Battery model: 36V 20Ah
Rated capacity: 20Ah
Rated voltage: 36V
Cell combination: 4 parallel 10 series
Battery size: 68X188 X78 mm
Number of batteries: 40
Instantaneous maximum discharge current: 30A
Maximum continuous discharge current: 15a
Standard charging current: 2A
Charging time under standard charging current: 4 hours
Maximum continuous current charging: 5A
Charging time fast charging: 2 hours
Battery weight: about 1.9kg

What I am worried about is the batteries, will they be ok with this setup ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks :slight_smile:

Any idea what specific Panasonic cells are being used?

Hi, possibly 18650 (thats whats in the info)


That’s just a cell size (dimensions of battery), not the chemistry unfortunately. Got a link?

I don’t know of any 5000mah 18650 cells that don’t have abysmal discharge ratings. If those specs mean that the entire pack has 15A continuous discharge, that isn’t enough. You’re aiming for 60-80, 40 at least.

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Ah, ok.

do you mean Lithium ion ?

I’ll see if i can find a link

Not exactly. Panasonic and others makes several lithium ion cells in the 18650 size. Some are made for capacity, some are made for amp discharge. We need to make sure both those boxes are checked for you.

cant find out any more info, bought from Aliexpress and no longer available

Yeah, looks like they are all over aliexpress in one shape or another.

It’s 15A continuous. That’s like, 300w a motor. It will only be good for flat, smooth surfaces, and it will still be v slow.


Thank you for the info guys.

Can you reccomend a battery ?

I’m not to fussed about a very high top speed (over 20 mph would be nice) but range is important

thanks, can you reccomend a battery ?

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I dunno man, I don’t know your situation. There are a few prebuilt 40A+ 10S4P options out there, but they are like $450, which is insane, imo.
Maybe someone more familiar with buying prebuilt packs can chime in.

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ok, thanks for your help RyEnd.

I agree that $450 is a bit insane !!

I really dont have the knowledge or experience to build my own pack

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I’ll bet you could have a battery builder on the forums build you a nice battery to fit your specifications more precisely for ~$300ish.

On the other hand, if you’ve already got that 20ah battery in hand, throw it in there and see what you can get out if it. I think the slow Meepos discharge at around 15A continuous, so it won’t be completely unrideable. You’ll want to upgrade so fast though. Lots of room left in those motors and ESC.


Your best bet is to have a proper battery built for you. A number of quality builders are out there, just depends on their schedule/workload who is available. Maybe one of the following guys who are somewhat local to you has some advice:

@bigben (also makes excellent enclosures, BTW)


thanks again, I’ll have a look

Well, quality batteries with really good cells and a known BMS are not cheap. It’s the one thing you really shouldn’t skimp on, and you want to buy a bit more battery than you think you need. Kind of a “better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it” deal.


Cheers BillGordan,

I’ll have a look and see what can be done. I thought the cheap ones from Ali Ex were too good to be true :frowning:

I’m looking at about £300 as a budget so hopefully should be able to get something


They’re pretty much out-of-spec scooter batteries with iffy cells and very limited BMS offerings. I did the same hopeful research as you only to come to the same conclusion.


If you’re in a rush, I think @Esk8supply has good prebuilt batteries in stock in the UK.