New build, 12s4p, dual 6374,2.5:1 ratio, 90mm wheels and flipsky 6.6. does anyone put usb port on enclosure

Please don’t say MBoards.

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The battery is the last component I have to buy. I had considered mboard, but decided to go with the one from diyelectricskateboard. One reason is it has power switch, charge port, battery level indicator and custom enclosure included…why?

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MBoard: One of the worst, if not THE worst vendor in esk8

diyelectricskateboards/Torqueboards: One of the very best vendors in esk8


Our community has built this resource for exactly this reason:

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Im with Bindings. Seems like a hassle to do but would be worth

… it’s a single hole lmao.

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Im very lazy

I’ve done USB ports on the ESC enclosure and it was super duper handy… I’d recommend it if you have the room for sure.

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I thought I had seen before people did micro USB extensions and the plug break due to vibration.
I would look into the Bluetooth module and maybe a cheap Android tablet. Just look up the OS requirements for the vesc tool app.

Thanks, I should have room so I will install USB port extension cable with a dust cover.

On another note what’s the difference in flipsky FSESC 6.6 esc and 6.6 plus esc?

Size mostly, but both have depressing failure rates.



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Sadly, at this very instant, it’s a bad time to be buying a vesc-based ESC unless your budget is healthy. Today’s vesc-compatible landscape:


Trampa: The best quality/bulletproof but you pay for the privilege
Enertion Unity: Great but sold out
Enertion Focbox: Still viable but not the easiest to find
Flipsky: Poor QC/high failure rates
ESCape: Solid AF but hard to find


Torqueboards: Established quality vendor, will be worth the wait given TB’s history/still in testing
Maker-X: Good value but jury is out on quality (I am using a dual from them successfully ATM, though)
neoONE: (based on the Focbox): Hopes are high but no feedback yet as still in production
Zesc: Looks interesting but unproven. But check this out:ZESC v6c vesc variant

(Did I miss anyone, guys?)

If I HAD to buy something right now: Would get a pair of Flipsky 4.12 singles off of eBay and run them until the market sorts itself out over the summer, and then keep for backup.


Damn. It’s terrifying to see this. You’re kinda right. We really don’t have any affordable and proven vescs atm.

I wish the maker X was able to be delivered in a couple of weeks right now. After seeing people order months ago and get nothing, I’m scared to even order one.


What’s the difference between fsesc 6.6 and fsesc 6.6 plus? Other than plus is 4wd compatible and $100+ ?

Unfortunately I’m probably going to roll the dice to get my board rolling and maybe upgrade to torqueboards if it proves out.


Which maker-x esc are you using?

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The dual. I paid $120 USD, and it has truly delivered for me, albeit with moderate settings. Running it at 60, - 60, 35 and -15 with no issues.


Size mostly. I have a 6.6 dual and I got lucky and ended up with a good one. Comical size difference between the Maker and the fsesc (ignore the 4.20 singles):