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neoONE S deck GB - $210. [Closed Now]

Hello friends, I have many friend say me that our deck is too expensive. Understanding is cost much, each deck needing many process of CNC and finish so is take many time. Now we only making small quantity of deck so is cost much time, but if friend is interest we could be reducing price for friend buying together.

If can sell 15 pcs we can making price $210 USD each. Is taking 10-12 days to complete. Is this fair?

  • neoONE S
  • neoONE S + CF Skin

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If also interest I can have bottom of deck wrapping in carbon fibre but need checking extra cost on this.


I’m very intersted if the price is fair.

This could be the best deck for countries, where it’s not yet legalized.

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Just for the record I personally have no issue with the price of this. It’s clear that this isn’t just 7 layers of bamboo in a press and cut out.

Loads of work goes in to this, a significant amount of raw bamboo to make the initial block and probably a fair few cnc passes at least.

34" seems ideal too as a last mile board that has no edges and will carry well. This is a steal imo… pretty sure I’ve convinced myself to get one just now…


@Brenternet For machine the lid only take 1 hour on our CNC. Body take 4 hour to machine. Then need hand sanding and spray protect coat.

For bamboo material we use special layup of material for strong and glue from europe which can never loose. Is press with 10 ton machine and cold.


what are the internal dimensions?

@AngryTrucker for dimension is here.


Does price exclude shipping?

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@moon For shipping if shipping to many friend, we can get better price. Around $20 USD to USA and Europe.


That is pretty good price for shipping too, what shipping service do you use?


@moon We use forward service and usually shipping by DHL to USA and Europe.


How many cells can you fit in it? I would definitely consider getting one.

I post dimension above. It can fit 12s4p. Or 10s3p with our pcb.


Very nice! However this is a bit too long for what I have in mind. Any plans for an even shorter deck in the future? Say 28" or 30"?


@Linny maybe later but no now.

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Want one, maybe 2?

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I’ll take 1

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Will it hold my 100kg?


@Gerrycorrado Is can hold 160kg no problem.

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Well let’s have a vote then.
Who is interested in buying one in which region?

  • EU
  • US

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send us one to test, we’ve been talking on insta since forever.

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