Need some quick help guys/gals

Would it be a dangerous mistake if I solder my 10s5p battery directly into my esc? It would only be temporary for this weekend until I can get some xt60 connectors shipped to my house but there are no shops within a couple hours of me that carry them and I’m going away for the weekend and desperately want to be able to ride my board again.

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Sounds like a very bad idea. Wait until you can make an ani spark loop key with removable connections. That’s a good way to blow your vesc or worse.


Amazon has one day shipping to most places!

I think he might be using one of the non-programmable ESC with a built-in switch

Yes it is a non-prammable ESC with a built in switch. It’s the diyeboard one . I’ve got 2. And I did order some on Amazon Wednesday, package came yesterday and it was a completely empty envelope and now even expedited shipping they can’t get them to me until Sunday night

It’s a backup non-prammable ESC. I have a new ESC on the way but it’s a couple weeks out

Soldering the battery to the BMS is one thing, but you really should have an antispark to your ESC

Battery already has BMS already built in. I’m strictly speaking of connecting the 10s5p by soldering to the esc and skipping the xt 60 connectors just for this weekend until I get some.

In theory it should be ok. be sure that you get a good flow through the wire, use liquid flux. make sure you leave an extra couple of inches of wire.

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Just hold the wire firmly so it only sparks the one time

That’s what I’m wondering if it will even spark at all since these esc already have a switch.

But yeah make it spark once and hold it in place well enough to solder.

Those basic ESCs always spark, the switch only powers off the light electronics so there’s still power in the capacitors and lines leading to the step downs and FETs

So guys… everything went smooth. Soldering went well. Connected the motors. Went great! Plug into charge… Sparks… Any thoughts?

Plug the AC end of the charger in first and let is sit a few seconds for the caps to charge before plugging in the DC end?

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Sparks where?

My old meepo charger will always spark a little when I plug it in the ac.