Need some advice

Just completed my second build, but it has thrown me and my son on 2 separate rides.

Dickyho motor, pulley and mount.
Bara battery and focbox w/o sensor and nano x remote.

It feels like a stutter in the mechanics when it happens.

At first I thought it was the remote connection but I used the remote with my first board with not problem. Still need to test receiver.

I cut down my caliber truck to fit the dicky ho pulley and the measurement is not exact. It seems the motor side is not cut enough by a few centimeters.

There is also some slack in the belt although I can run this on the bench for 5 minutes w/o seeing this issue.

Last item is the connection from the batter to the focbox. The battery had xt 90 and the focbox xt 60 connectors so I used an adapter to connect them and secured it with electrical tape.

Any ideas from the forum on my next steps to identify the problem?

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Do you have a Metr Module or any other possibility to LOG the VESC if there are any errors thrown if it happens ?

Sometime it happens to disassemble and reassemble things to get things working again.

What exactly happened - can you describe the incident in more detail ?


Are your motor phase wires wrapped? If they touch each other the wrong way, it’s instant brake.


Basically cut out and hit the brake for second and threw my son. I thought he accidentally hit the brake but then it happened to me

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Yeah then I think it might really be something that @Venom121212 already mentioned.

So check all the wires… get some extra heatshrink on everything and like I said… most of the time disassembling helps a lot to find errors even it is a little bit of a pain in the…

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get a new remote, serious. ive had 2 that did the same thing, plus they have to be calibrated every time they are powered on.



This also usually kills the drv, so hopefully that isn’t the case

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I actually had this happen once and the DRV survived…

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ooh lucky haha

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Wouldn’t it more likely kill the MOSFETs instead ? Did you have this issue with the DRV before ?

Well I’m not an electrical engineer so I’m not sure on the exact specifics of the VESC but I was told and have seen many times through my few years that if you touch phase wires together while the VESC is on, the DRV dies. Maybe I’ve been informed incorrectly all this time?

Maybe when you do that, it sends current back through the wrong mosfet and in turn kills the DRV.

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Probably not a remote issue although I have had a bad experience with Nano-x consistency in the past.

So here is what I did tonight an plan for tomorrow. I pulled off the focbox and connected to a dickyho Vesc/remote I had in back up and things seem much smoother. I also increased the tension of the belt by moving the motor. Tomorrow I will shave down the truck a bit more to ensure exact alignment of the pulley and mount. The ride is already much smoother with the dickyhovesc and remote I am am just worried they will fail later due to poor quality.

So I switched to a cheap ESC Remote combo that I had and all worked fine. The motor actually worked smoother than ever. The remote worked fine on my other board so that was not the issue. It is either the connection where I used the xt60-xt90 coverter or the FOCBOX which was a rehab from Bara…
Now I just worry that this cheap ESC and remote won’t last. Does anyone have experience with this type - can I rely on it?

Yeah, I had a phase wire short when my scooters hub got ripped out dragged. Killed my FOCbox DRV even though I was gliding without throttle at walking speed when it happened. Soldered a new DRV and it’s been good the last hundred miles. (Accept for blowing the can bus chip yesterday)

Ooh that sucks. Good you could get it fixed though

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