Need MBS Matrix trucks 2

Looking for some used matrix 2 trucks, with motor mounts. Living in Norway.

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Oil slicks i think we have. @TheRef?

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Ok, price? With mounts?

I don’t have any used trucks… I have some used mounts and new trucks.

Jwhat do you want for all the set?

I’m in the USA, but i only have the hangers with mounts. No top trucks.

I am looking for the full set, and the shipping from US is expensive.

@Rudi potential buyer of your old drivetrain once you upgrade to Moon shinys in the coming days :upside_down_face:


Way ahead of you, but thanks!

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Retail on the trucks. 50 for the mounts. They are the ATC shorts.

Did someone close this deal with @Esk8norway? I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but he seems to have ghosted me.

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im gonna guess… no

False alarm! Got in touch with him.

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