Need help - Flipsky 15.2" trucks

Finally got hold of Flipsky 15.2" trucks with motor mounts (yes, they actually do exist!) and wanted to do a straight swap on my Evolve Carbon Gen1 deck with my existing Maytech motors, Evolve type pulleys and Trampa urbanthreads on Trampa superstars.

As per the pics, there’s a “chunk” of non painted metal which prevents everything from lining up.

Is my only option to machine it out? Is there any compatible system out there?

Thank you for your help,

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Is you pulley being bolted to the wheel? If you pull the bearing out of the pulley and bolt it to the wheel will it go on far enough to line up with the motor pulley?

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might be a good idea to pick up the FS AT kit thingy

Not bolted, but sits pretty tight to the wheel. Are you telling me that I don’t need the pulley bearing?

I wouldn’t run without it if the pulley is not bolted to the wheel

That bearing prob sandwhich the pulley to the wheel when it’s on the truck

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I’d rather keep using my Trampa hubs, but that might have to be an option :confused:

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What is the length and diameter of the silver part?

According to this, it should be 20mm long. Doesn’t say diameter, but it looks like 16-20mm ish?

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It’s the doodoo designed bearing space for the hopes of creating a series of their own accessories. It’s so stupid. I have a pair of the same trucks but with no silver-bearing-holder-thingy. Those don’t exist anymore :frowning:

anyways, the best way of going at it would be bolted on pulleys by trampa, or just mill that down.