Need Advice :) First build since 2017! (MTB)

Hey guys! I finally found you phew. I have been out of the game since 2017 and been on the old forum the past couple of days wondering what happened?! I ran across a comment of someone saying there was a new forum and here I am. I have been researching all the new cool stuff that has come out since then :). And I think I’m ready for another build! I wanted to ask any advice concerns or constructive criticisms you may have. Btw I am building the board to be able to handle trails so a MTB. Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

So here’s the plan:

  • Battery:

    • I had a leftover 48V 11Ah LifePO4 battery pack from when I used to build
    • I am planning on taking it apart and rebuilding it to fit into the Flux Deck plus Enclosure
    • It’s very big currently (check out the pics)
      Battery Size: H: 1.75" W: 8" L: 15.65"
      (Gopro for size reference)
  • Deck

    • I was in between with the Flux & the Trampa but seems like the flux can hold more battery cells
    • So I am Pre Ordering the Flux
  • ESC

    • The Stormcore seems to be the cool new thing so I will be giving it a try :slight_smile:
    • 60D
  • Motors

    • TB6380 170kv Motors
  • Remote

    • Flipsky VX2 Pro
  • Now in terms of Tires + Trucks, I need advice

    • Option 1:
      • MBS Metal Matrix 2
      • MBS Rockstar Pro Hub
    • Option 2:
      • Trampa Vertigo Trucks
      • Trampa Superstar Hub
    • Option 3:
      • Trampa Infinity Trucks
      • Trampa Superstar Hub
  • Drive system

    • I will be doing a belt drive and have yet to decide the ratios

Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything if I did feel free to call me out :). Appreciate all comments!


I would go with ATC’s belt kit with his aluminum gears for matrix 2 and rockstar hubs

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Cool Thanks for the advice where could I find this?

Sorry I meant this


Mbs matrix 2’s and some trampa superstars ftw
Idea mounts and pulley kit!

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For a remote I recommend maytech I gotthis one
And it feels pretty good, feels also better quality while being cheaper than the vx2. Of course you have to like the trigger style remotes (the tumb one is the breaking)

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Trampa Bigboi deck have plenty of room for battery cells…Also their Vesc6 it is a beast…MBS Matrix II trucks are sweet, and Trampa infiniti with barrels are great too. I would choose a 12s battery at least and add ass many P groups as possible. Mini remote is great, TB 6380 are amazing…E-Toxx mini helis drives…etc…to many things happend since 2017, you have so much to choose from, just do it smartly…wellcome back to the sweet spot of DIY…

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Why not the Trampa trucks? What makes the matrix superior? Just curious :slight_smile: Thanks for the comment

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I am not a fan of the trigger I like the boosted style remote. Thanks for the comment

Thanks for the detailed message. Appreciate the advice. What are the difference between Trampa and MBS trucks I cant find a proper comparison anywhere in terms of pros and cons. As well as would you think I should try the gear drive system? Would that be a smart decision ? Is it really worth the extra $$. I am willing to spend extra if it has some great pros over belt drive. Bottom line does it make a noticeable amount of difference.

I have all of them…If you have the budget to spend the most reliables products…Well, trampa trucks are great and better if you get the cnc finished ones, the are very well finished and with barrels you get the snowboarding feeling. Also Bigboi board it is ment to be for emtb, wider, stiffer, flatter, bigger stance, and life guarantie…Their Vesc are the most reliable in the market, I have 4 of them and they are superb and handle amps like a champ; also Vedder is the creator and all of the software it is made for their Vesc first and share the knolowedge. I also have belt, chains, gears…I do not like belts at all…Most reliable are chains if you do not mind the sound, they are andestructable and switching to diferent spurs ratios it is ver simple; by the othe hand I love the quiteness, simplicity, weight reduction, almost cero manteinance of @NoWind mini helicals…If your are investing this kind of money, the best thing to do is to go for a 12s8P (at least) top mounted battery case, here you have very reputable battery builders, just ask at the forum, and you will get what you want…Depending on your terrain, 9 inches tires are great, nut you will do many things with 8 inches as well… Mi opinion is, spending in a high end Vesc on a dual set up with, let say, 10s4p; it is a waste of money…Anyway, it is your choice at the end, but you wont regret to buy the best for your ride to have the most fun and reliability…


I think these are sold wound at 190Kv now

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So Ima be honest with you broski. I’m only just building my first mtb as well. My opinion isn’t that valuable. Just looking at the comments of those with mtb builds. Most who have matrix 2’s talk about how much they Love them. I never hear comments about the trampas. I doubt you could go wrong either way. And the trampa superstar hubs were recommended to me by @idea, he likes them better than mbs hubs offerings. I’m just going off the backs of the giants that have gone before.
Welcome back to the fold man!!! Lots of great things have happened over the last 3 yrs.