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Name Exway's AT board contest

Hey y’all! Looks like Exway chose two of the names I suggested for their new AT board. If I win I’m going to give the board to my girl so she can try to keep up with me once I get my Bioboard :wink:

If you want to vote for the names here’s the link:

I came up with Trek and Trailblazer :slight_smile: I’m surprised they picked Trailblazer since it’s probably trademarked by Chevy haha. I prefer Trek of the two anyway.

Hope this post isn’t breaking any rules.




tell everyone on forum to pick trek then that way all our votes will go towards trek and you will hopefully get the board

edit voted twice for trek used bros account also

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Yea I voted for Trek myself. It’s the more popular of the two at this point. Thanks for the votes :slight_smile:

Trek is winning still!


when does it shut

can we do something to get everyone to know this and vote for him?

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You should win, because both of your names are the only ones that evoke AT.


Hey guys! I’m not a frequent on here, but you all should totally vote for “Trek!” Looks like @T-Nomad got credit for “Trailblazer” while I got credit for “Trek” lol.

Reasons why you should vote for Trek:

  1. It fits in with the current naming scheme (X1, Flex, Trek)
  2. It accentuates the how simple yet strong the board will be
  3. You’ll be donating a board to a college student in need (that’s me!)

Again, please vote for Trek! If you do, I’ll love you forever. <3

I thought about making a post like this too. I think I am getting Credit for Atlas which is the other top name in the running right now. Wanted to keep the voting fair so they actually get the best name out of it instead of a popularity contest. May the best name win!

My pitch for Atlas is he is the strongest titan and has to be so tough to carry the weight of the world on his back. This board needs to be powerful and tough to keep up with what we will put it through.

I also submitted Trek so not really mad if that wins. Still get some sweet swag.

Aye I got Atlas too, what time did you submit? I submitted pretty late unfortunately

Like midnight the first night. So idk if I’m first but we shall see. We are going Atlas strong right now. Keeping up with trek on google. But need reinforcements on fb

Your chances just went down

I don’t believe you. I feel like you’re just using me.


Hey @JustEnough9 and @North :slight_smile: so I’m pretty sure that we all got the emails saying that “your submission was selected” regardless of who submitted the suggestion first. @North when did you submit Trek? I got an email for that suggestion as well.

Fuck this thread, honestly.

Sort yourselves out


Lol, what beef do you have with BAEsk8?

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I submitted on April 17 at 6:47 PM PST.

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‎ ‎

Don’t take it seriously. He’s just joking around

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Don’t worry Bill, I’m here to patch you up if he messes up.

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