[N. AMERICA] Vx1 and Vx2 Pro and other parts

Hey All. I have a bunch of new parts that I no longer need. I’ll keep updating this thread as I’m able with new items. All prices are USD. Local pickup in Toronto. Buyer pays shipping. For my fellow Canucks we’ll just do an approx conversion w favourable rates :wink:

Item 1
New TB 40 V1 deck w all mounting hardware purchased directly from Torqueboards. This deck has never left the plastic it came in until these pics but much to my chagrin, there are some blems (see pics). If you buy the deck I have a Carbon Fibre skinning kit I’ll throw in for $20 ($80 value)
Price $100

Item 2
ABEC Reflys 97mm with approx 200km on them. No chunks and basically just worked in
Price $50

Item 3
New, never used Dickyho Kegel 40t pulleys
Price $40

Item 4
New, never used Infinity Sink with all hardware
Price $60
Pics will be uploaded shortly but this item is new in box




New items added.

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May be interested in the charger. Includes the port too yeah?

Yessir. DM me and I’ll let u know what I’ll be posting in the coming days in case anything else tickles ur fancy

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New items added

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Price drops. Everything is priced to move y’all! Buy yourself sumpin nice :cowboy_hat_face:

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New items added!! I also have an Evo Falcon 36" New if anyone is into it. HMU!

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Got my charger and Davega in today. Thanks again for the sweet deals! Here’s a free bump, someone buy this stuff, there’s still some goodies.


New items added. Get 'em while they’re hawt

Are the vescs and vx2 still available?

I’ve had a couple of inquiries on both but so far no one has followed through. DM me brother

Interested in the deck, enclosure included?
Also interested in the 40t pulleys.

Where abouts are you? I am in the Chicago area.


No enclosure just the deck. In Toronto, Canada. DM me

@xsynatic please close this thread. Thanks

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