My wife doesn't like my new helmet

I showed my wife the new full face helmet that just came in.

She told me I look ridiculous and then said it looks scary like something Halloween :joy: …da fack, not the response I was looking for lol.

It fits perfect and is pretty well build for something off aliexpress, not a TSG, but then again that helmet is way overpriced. This helmet is also DOT Approved.

I just want to make sure when I fall, I don’t break my jaws and scrape my face.
Just asked Dr. E Skateboard




Gotta repost the classic. I dont know this guy but it looks like that helmet didnt absorb everything that impact had to dish out… I know if I were in his position (with futuretelling powers :crazy_face:) I would want a full face helmet (preferably with certs like yours has)

Ill be honest, before this summer I never took full face helmets seriously, even after threads like Dereks and other community members who have seriously injured themselves. Not sure what clicked, but I decided to wear mine and a week later I had my first real accident, and 4ish weeks later after healing and whatnot, It happens again.

I didnt hit my head on either fall, fortunately, but sometimes I imagine what would have happened without one; If I had tried to raise my arms and protect my head instead of using them to roll, how I probably would have just tanked my head into the road… Just knowing that I have a helmet on gave me the confidence to fall safely, if that makes sense. Esk8, Ebike, E-whatever the fuck, it doesnt matter. Helmet up, your wifes view will change eventually.


your wife has good taste!

that is a goofy looking helmet!
especially the swim-step in the back…

but all helmets look somewhat goofy… as long as you wear it and it protects your melon… that’s what counts…

but it brings to mind what k00k-daddy told me…

“son, if you have a 5 dollar head, then you can wear a 5 dollar helmet…”


That was a nasty fall, chunks flying everywhere!

I am getting old, and it just takes one bad fall to either kill or paralyze you :frowning:

I say safety first, looks last. I also wear long knee and elbow pads, I want to be able to get up walk away and still enjoy this sport.


Can’t reccomend good knee pads enough. I took the helmet, jacket and gloves seriously… And on my second fall basically stopped myself with my knees :sweat_smile:

3 months later I’m mostly fine, but I can’t lean down on my right knee without some old man sounds… And I’m only 21! I can imagine being older and playing games with myself in that way.

Looks like you’ve got your ts crossed and Is dotted :+1:


Dude… what do you have for shoulder protection?

That seems like a popular injury around these parts as well.

I now rock a fox titan jacket always.


I order a clone it’s on the way, I am hoping it fits well.


Before committing to the expensive fox one I also got a 50 clone from amazon and went down on it a couple times and it certainly did the job.

The fox one is slightly more refined but after a whole year it has several holes in the mesh.

Hope you like yours. I am a fan.


I’m just getting into gears :joy: myself and checking out how the clone one is, but the fox one seems to have better shoulder pads! :+1:

Wait till my wife sees the body armor, she thinks I am already getting ready to go to battle lol

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You’ll be ready for the impending riots I expect lol

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21? Weren’t you like 15 or so a couple months ago? :joy:


I recently went from a boy goblin to a man goblin, it’s an easy misconception

But no, I’m 21 :sweat_smile:

E: just wanted to say that I cropped this photo like 6 months ago when Mike and Jeff we’re having their ID dispute :joy::joy: came in handy

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yes yes yes


Damn…Maybe I’m confusing you with someone.

How do you like beer now that you legally can drink it for the past 3 months?

Because you would never drink underage correct?


I hate beer :joy:

My father works in the city and brings home a wide variety of sake, whisky, this and that. I just try whatever he offers, I dont actively seek it out

I dont have an appreciation for them yet but I like them more than beer simply because its less liquid to drink :joy:


saves you some money in the future :smiley:

I wonder if you just need real beer to like the taste. :crazy_face:

I’m not a fan of stronger stuff since i think it all tastes like desininfectans