My next build….

Want to know you’re next build… you’re hooked and thirsty for more. Also what should my next build be. Rayne demonseed… or LY evo…

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I’m not answering until you make your first build thread

But definitely the demonseed :metal:


Never made a thread on it… Was just too eager to get riding! :call_me_hand:t4: But it’s an overpowered boosted clone. Love hitting thirty on that damn board! :sunglasses:

Wanted to build something with pneumatic tires…


A lightweight AWD build

MBS Matrix 2 with plastic top trucks
Custom Carbonfiber motor mounts
Maven skateboard deck
12s4p 40t or p42a
Ant innovation v6 VESC
Ant innovation 5065 190kv
Some plastic rims on AliExpress + tires
MBS F5 bindings

Only if MBS is in stock🥲


Sick I think I’m gonna try one day making a slick AWD street board :sunglasses:

Definitely that blue Powell Peralta there


There’s deffo not enough demonseed builds on here! I’ve got one I’m considering electrifying but i’m finding it difficult to consider a drivertrain. Feels like you’d either need to do something similar to Eboosted’s build and shift the wheelbase (or chop the tail somewhat) to avoid hitting motors or motor-mounts unless going TKP or DKP. Dropthrough would be really hard unless going hub motor I believe. I wonder if adjustable baseplate with channel-trucks would work out… :thinking:


Wheelbite is real on those decks, the boltholes really need to be further apart


I’m working a tiny, minimal board at 10s. 2wd, light weight AF, hubs, Caliber RKP. Powered by 2 5s dewalt packs.

COVID has been strange, also I need to sneak it on a boat and a plane.


Currently working on a 12S5P Demonseed and a 12S4P Sportster both using 21700 cells. The Demonseed will be my final attempt at using TB DDs but if they fail I am going to move over to belts or BN M1 gears. The Sportster is destined to be finished off with Loaded Unlimited hubs with the new blue sleeves and matching Caguamas up front.

As for the OP’s question. The Evo is a classic and with the deep drop and split angles it is very stable at high speeds. However, the massive standing platform of the Demonseed is hard to beat. I would go for a Demonseed in 2021, but if the Evo is calling your name you cannot go wrong with either deck.


Just got to paint the enclosure… simple 10s2p paired with a vesc and a single 6354 190kv motor. Just gonna use it to cruise to my fishing spots along the beach :sunglasses:

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Wanted to build a demonseed… paired with 6384 motors and a 14s4p battery… I wanna go fast…:skateboard::dash:

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I’m still curious how everyone gets their efficiency so low mine is always 18-20ish and I’m on thane.

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Send a video or your setup unloaded throttling up and then letting go. Maybe the freeroll isn’t set up just right.

How do I get better free roll? Axle bolts are not stupid tight and they are reds bearings.

A light AT build for gravel and packed earth with this custom Sub Century from @Sender

And the Demonseed :100:


Couldn’t get a subsonic before they closed shop… for now hopefully…

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Demonseed 🤌

I miss this deck. :neutral_face:

Next- I really don’t feel like I need a new build. Evo, vanguard, Killswitch, bro, I feel like that covers all of my bases.

I have been eyeing parts to go 4 wheel drive on my MTB. Low top speed, high torque… Maybe 6355s on the front rather than another pair of 6380s though to keep weight down… And use field weakening for the rarer times I’d like a top speed boost.


4wd Hummie on tB110, BN M1s and 6355s and 10s9p P26a and DiY enclosure gotta make battery and pull it all together.


DiY carbon deck pneumatic build, evolve 175 on widened Sunmates, belts w 2/6355 and 12s6p p42a, enclosure buck made, need to crack into it and make a mould. Then enclosure and battery and assembly. (Long way to go :pensive:)


I was thinking of just going all out and building a flux board… I just want a board with some pneumatics tires… I see you have a vanguard with air tires. How do you like it? Any wheel bite? I would just do that and build a flux…