My First Build Journal

Hi everyone! My name is Dillon, and this is my first build journal. I’ve spent months saving up, reading, and collecting parts for this build, and I finally was able to complete it just before school started. Since school started I wasn’t able to do this last week, so I’m doing it this weekend. The parts for my build are
Blank DIY longboard deck
50 degree Caliber 2 trucks
85mm Orangutang Caguama Wheels
TB 6355 190kv Motor
4.12 Maytech 50a super esc
10s2p P42a Battery by @Skyart
Flipsky Vx1 Remote
Ownboard Metal Enclosures

Here is some progression photos of my build

So my parts were still showing up in the mail at this point, so I decided to file down the hole where a power button would go, but I decided to use a loopkey. This took all day to file down, probably because I didn’t have the proper tools, but it worked and turned out great. Then I spray painted the enclosures in a flat black, since I didn’t like the glossy and I wanted to cover up the marks from the filing.

Next, I assembled the drivetrain. I filed down the Caliber trucks in order for the mount to fit. In the process of mounting the motor mount I stripped the bolts way to easily, which was really frustrating, but I didn’t want to have to order more parts so I used vise grips to tighten the bolts down which ended up working.

I went full on DIY with routing the wires by using a flat head screwdriver and a hammer which surprising worked. Then I drilled the holes for the inserts and the wires, and inserted the inserts.

Next, I soldered on all the xt90 connectors and made the loopkey. I was surprised my I still had my soldering skills, and was using my trusty ts100.

I routed the wires onto of the deck, soldered the connectors and epoxied the wires onto the deck.

If this doesn’t say noob work then I don’t know what does, but as you can see I had some trouble epoxying the wires down, but at least the grip tape looks good. I’m not exactly happy about the wires showing, but it super fun to ride and that’s all that matter.

Soldered on the new bullets connectors to the esc, or whatever these are called lol.

At this point I was super excited, because the build was finally starting to come together. I mounted the trucks, and was in the process of figuring out how to properly fit the battery in the enclosure. I didn’t end up using the velcro straps since I didn’t have the space. The battery ended up being taller than the enclosure which required me to add more gasket, and also longer screws. I ended up just using some industrial velcro to mount it to the deck without add stress to the inserts, since I was using ez lock brass inserts.

Now I was putting everything into the esc enclosure and superglued the loopkey mount to the
enclosure. Probably wasn’t the belt optioned, but its working well so far.

At this point, I don’t have many more photos, but I assembled everything and was just doing final adjustments. I got the battery to fit which was a relief, so I loctited those screws down and did the same for the esc enclosure. I hot glued the motor wires to the deck to keep them from touching the motor (shown in the next photo). I had to move the motor mount I tiny bit, since the belt was a little off the wheel pulley, which was a pain, because like I mentioned earlier I stripped the bolts. I truly hate motor mounts. I moved it over, and now it looks pretty good.

So the build is completed, and wow I have never experienced this much fun, since I owned a mini razor electric bike. Sure its a single drive, and only a 4.12 esc, but its definitely enough for me as of right now. This looks like a tiny board compared to your trampa boards lol.

Some problems I ran into: Within my first couple rides I noticed a clicking sound. It was the motor pulley being loose, so I had to get some set screws. So now I have a key way, setscrews, and collared screws. Couple days later I grinded the motor mount on the edge of a curb and it jacked the motor pulley so I had to re loctite the setscrews. I also loosened the belt since it was a little to tight which I was told could damage the motor.

Problems I have now: There is a strange noise coming from one of the wheels, so I will probably take out the bearing clean it, since there has been a lot of dirt where I live, and re lubricate it. Hopefully that will fix it, or I will just have to replace the bearing. I also wanna figure out how to reduce the squeaking noise from my trucks when I lean.

Overall I am really satisfied with my build, and I will enjoy it as much as I can till something breaks lol. I want to thank everyone who answered my stupid questions and saving me from wasting money and cheap parts. I truly am very grateful for this forum and what it taught me since there isn’t that much information on YouTube where you would think you would find this information. Also thanks @Skyart for build this sweet battery, and calling me to help me setup my esc. It took me severals days to drain lol, probably because I don’t ride it as often. I’m sorry if this was too long or there were any typos, I didn’t wanna go back through and read it lol


This is awesome! glad you’re enjoying esk8 :grin:
Very nice wiring too, you did a really good job there

it’s the bushings, you can add a little bit of grease on the bushing and washers and it will go away.

Happy sk8ing!


That’s really good!

My first board was sketchy as hell and used some random Hobbyking speed controller with no brakes. I’ll never forget how much fun that first build was.

Keep it up!


Bit of dish soap or bike grease in the pivot cups and on the bushings should make those squeaks go away :slight_smile:

Also, this might sound dumb, but adding some foam padding below the grip-tape might be enough to hide those wires :smiley:

Definitely recommend buying some gloves to protect your hands if you fall, if you haven’t already! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Thats what I figured, but I’m not sure what type of grease. Do you know what type would work?

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Thanks! No brakes!? How does that work lol. Did you just foot brake?

any lithium grease will work, but as @rusins said, dish soap would work too, but might last less long. [olive] oil will work as well! it will collect grit tho over time


Oh ok, I’ll try that, thanks. Dang wish I knew that before lol. I think I’ll just live with the wires showing, and maybe in the future switch out the deck or something. I’ll look into that. Luckily, I haven’t yet. Most the time I’m just cruising at 15mph and I’ve only reached 22mph and I don’t feel any safe going faster than that :joy:

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don’t listen to him, hobby escs are not meant for esk8 bahahah. yes foot brake is the only option. :rofl:
@Hahne how long did you use that board for before upgrading? :laughing:

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Okay, I’ll see what’s available at my local hardware stores, and try to pick some up

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Wow, that sounds really sketchy lol


killer build bro! Looks good, and you are having fun, this is what this is all about! Enjoy it and ride safe!

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Thanks! I will!

To cover up the routing you did on the deck, I’d just put a plastic film on top, then tape it down, then grip tape.

For squeeking, get some candle wax or parafin wax, shave some off, and put them in the bushing seats


Okay, I’ll look into that. Think I’ll use it as is now until I need to change the grip tape. Thanks though

Okay, sweet. I’ll try either that or some other grease

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Honestly I was bad at foot braking too. It took a lot of bravery and a lot of foresight when riding. Always looking out for cars or slowing down early before intersections etc. If I was going down a hill, I would just carve it out to lose some speed

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Wow, I can’t imagine how much bravery that took lol, what if you had to stop all of a sudden or a car pulled out in front of you?

I honestly has it for like 3 years and only broke my wrist once! :rofl: Surprisingly it wasn’t related to not having brakes.

It was mostly an exercise in keeping costs low while I was a poor University student. The ESC only cost $20, so I would say it was a big success!

But my board is way better now :slightly_smiling_face:


Surprisingly I didn’t run into that too often since I was looking so far ahead. But I just had to commit to going around them


Ah ok, but wow that’s impressive and quite the skill