MTB horror fanfic?

So I showed a friend a video of me riding through the woods with my mountainboard. She didnt know about the existance of esk8, so she was stunned by the existence of vehicles like that. She thought it would be scary if someone unkowing of their existence would meet a group of E-mountainboarders in the forest so she wrote a slightly horror tinted short story about how an encouter of sorts would look in her mind. I thought it was quite awesome and funny so wanted to share it with you xD.

Imagine it’s dark, you’re alone in the woods. In the distance you hear a faint humming. You stop to figure out where it’s comming from but you can’t spot Anything. You step a little further into the woods trying to get a glance at whatever is Making the noise. It gradually gets louder. Suddenly you’re able to see dark silhouettes in the distance. As they get closer you can make out what appears to be about 20 people gliding through the woods. You start running, but you know you can’t escape.

You run for your life. A mix of sheer fear and adrenalin make you run faster than you ever have before. A glimpse of hope sparks in your chest. “Maybe I’ll be able to outrun them”. As you begin to see the end of the woods the humming suddenly gets louder again. A wave of air strikes your right cheek. You look to your right, but there is nothing there. You could have sworn you’ve seen a shadow. You turn your head back again just to see about 10 of them standing in front of you, not even 10 meters away. You try your best to stop as to not run into them, but due to your speed you fall on the ground. As you try not to scream from the pain of falling down and hurting your leg, you hear the familiar summing behind you again. They have circled you. As you are closer to the end of the woods now, and the trees aren’t as close together anymore, the moonlight allows you to get a better look at what is standing in front of you. They appear to be human. At least for the most part. The only distinguishable difference seems to be that they do not have feet. They appear to have merges with their boards having wheels attached to them instead. This not only allows them to move far faster than you with your laughable human feet, but also gives them the undeniable advantage of never being at risk of stubbing their toes. You Glance up to who appears to be the leader “what do you want from me?”

Maybe I should ask her to write a book.


Your first mistake was leaving the cabin in the middle of the night because you heard a high pitched whining noise two km away. Easiest way to avoid a horror story ending- go back to sleep.


That was awful.