Motor pulley help

Both my motor pulleys have been coming loose every ride, sometimes I have to retighten them mid ride. Should I just Loctite the hell out of them or is there a better solution?

Drop of retaining compound.(loctite 648) on the motor shaft. You’ll need a torch to tho

Also a drop of red loctite.on the grub screw. Also needs a torch to remove


If you are using aluminum pulleys, they tend to need alot more loctite than steel pulleys and a full day to cure…

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blue just doesnt hold for me :man_shrugging:

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Your blue loctite is as broken as old mate’s grub screw is gonna be


if you torch the pinion to weaken the retaining compound on the shaft, the red on the grub screw also goes with it, making it possible to remove as if there was never threadlocker. One of the things I learned at hoyt


Well aware of the power of the torch, but I find that even with the torch red can be stubborn. Especially on something as small as a grub screw. Stripping a grub is the fucking last thing anyone wants.

I’ve installed probably hundreds of grub screws with blue… never had an issue.


:person_gesturing_no: “cross threading is free loctite”

Red loctite doesn’t belong anywhere on the motor shaft- pulley interface.


I agree medium strength is the highest you should ever use on small grub screws. They are too easy to strip and I’ve never had an issue with medium strength.

What did do my head in was how most pulleys used teeny tiny grub screws. Pulleys with M5 are so much nicer.


Your pulleys have keys in them right? Are they aluminium or steel? Did you clean the grease off the grub screws with a solvent like metho before installing? Usually the steel screws have a good layer of oxide or oil on them which does not help the Loctite.

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Thanks for all the tips. I’ve settled on blue Loctite for now, if that fails then ill swap in a fresh set of screws and switch to red. I did clean the pulleys and screws with 99% alcohol before applying, hope that helps.

Honestly i have no idea if they are aluminum or steel, i got them from some random seller on amazon , and don’t worry i didn’t forget to install the keys. :slight_smile:

These things are so slick and wonder why people don’t use them

There’s cheaper locking bushings but this brand is the simplest and doesn’t stick out as much.

Try Loctite 290

what color is that?

I usually mix my blue and red loctite for that purple, the bestest slushy colour.


i can’t resist eating mine so I use @glyphiks all natural white loctite

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Hold a magnet to it… if it sticks, they’re steel

Orange locktite exists tho