Motor noise in Lonestar

I’ve got this noise in my stock Lonestar SS. Any ideas? Should I be concerned?

happened to me with my titanium pulleys. switching to a new set of steel fixed it

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Belt is off in that video, so the titanium pulley can’t be the cause of the noise.
Sounds like a dry bearing to me personally.


One of my Nazare motors made the same noise, I changed the inner bearing around the shaft and it sounded better.
Generally that noise is nothing to worry about.


I have tons of videos spinning the motors with no belts with all different sets of pulleys trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. The only time it happened was with the titanium pulley.



Does it need to be changed?

No, unless there’s a loose grub screw in the pulley, it’s a solid object, it cannot cause such a noise :smile: